Tuesday and Wednesday

Here are some more basics/uniforms heh...hubby is out of town again, and yall know how that is. Blah..its been close to 100 outside here lately, and 35 degrees inside. I have a space heater under my desk for heavens sake!!

Cardi - Loft $15
Top - The Limited $6
Scarf - Talbots $15
Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Shoes - Naturalizer $20

Please ignore the wild hair, I messed it up before taking pics. LOL.

And Tuesday was even more boring(er?) LOL. OH! But i am wearing one of my $10 Outlet Cardigans from Talbots!! So, I think that makes up for it!!! :-)

Cardigan Talbots $10
Tee - Talbots $10
Pants - The Limited $17
Shoes - Aerosoles
Scarf - Talbots $18

As always, thank you for reading!!!


  1. You seem to have the best collection of cardigans ever.

  2. Hi dear,
    I know about how it feels when hubby is away, maybe that's why you think those are boring outfits becuase in reality they are very put together, coordinated, fabulous outfits.I especially love the headband on the second one, it gives something extra to it.
    I admire the way you can get good deals in clothes you look wonderful in on line.I would be totally useless :)


  3. I have a space heater at my desk also! It's always frigid in my office but living in Florida, it's HOT as soon as I walk outside.

    I love the scarf in the first outfit, it's the perfect topper to the ensemble. In the second one, the color of the cardigan is beautiful and so great on you. I also love the hairband!

  4. I love the colors of course....I really love the hair scarf/band, soo cute!

  5. FJ - love my cardis. :-)

    Cecilia - oh thanks so much - are you back? I missed your posting! :-)

    Mel - what is up with that? freezing us out? jeez! LOL. thanks for the notes on the clothes.

    Corie - thank you! :-)

  6. I do NOT think either outfit is boring! You look fantastic (as always)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My man is gone too - he went camping for 6 days, came home and left again today and will be back Sunday. I miss him! Hope your hubby comes home soon!


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