Talbots "New Look"

So, along with the pretty new clothes, Talbots has done some redesign work to their stores. They have unveiled some images of the new interior and exterior redesign. I showed my hubby and he said "It looks like the Loft, with chandeliers". It reminds me a little of the Gap's Forth and Towne experiment. But really, its a total turn around from their old stores. Check out the new interior here, on their website.

Gone are the red awnings, red doors and carpeting. Now, its white doors, no awnings, and whitewashed wood floors. What do you think of the redesign?

Also, if you live near, and have been in the new Tyson's Corner store in McLean, VA, I would loooove to hear your thoughts as well.


  1. Wow! Our local Talbots hasn't changed at all since they upgraded their lookbook; still too much of the uber-preppy, old-lady clothes. I would be thrilled if they upgraded like this!

  2. We still have the red awnings, too. I imagine they will change them all, over time. I kind of like the new look. It looks fresh, open & touches of luxury in there. I'm curious to see it in person.

  3. Soon I won't be able to call it the "old lady store," LOL. I think it's going to draw a lot of new people in and turn off some of the long-time customers. I'm loving all their new stuff.

  4. Kristen - Mine are the same too, maybe they are taking it slow to see how people take the change.

    Gi - I am so curious too!

    Nicole - Haha, I think you had to stop calling it that the minute you bought something there. ;-)

  5. I like it!
    Not sure I love the clothing racks, but in general, it's a good improvement.
    I'm a longtime Talbot's shopper - and I'm 38. I buy pieces that I think aren't too old ladyish!

  6. Kate, I am a long time Talbot's shopper, and have never considered the stuff I bought to be old ladyish either hehe. ;-)

  7. I am amazed at what you buy at Talbots. At my local store, the merchandise is way over priced (even the clearance) and the colors/styles are terrible.


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