Saturday Shower and Talbot's Clearance Center.

I attended a baby shower in Atlanta on Sat. The theme was Caribbean Under the Sea Tea party. So, the flip flops were given to us as part of the vibe. The dress was not rumpled until I started playing on the floor with children. Ah well, you get the idea. The pockets are the best part.....

Dress - Talbots $30
Cardigan - Loft $20
Flip Flops - Party Favor

And while I was in town, I swooped past my favorite place, the Talbot's clearance center..This is about a third of their store.

Ah...the sweet smell of deals in the air. I was armed with my recent Talbots gift card, and thought my cardigan collection was feeling a little neglected. Luckily, most of their cardigans were $10 - $15. I bought 7 cardigans, 3 blouses and a pair of jeans for $132 after tax.


  1. Oh, that DRESS! It's beautiful AND it has pockets!

  2. WOW - you did great at the Talbots clearance center!! I am going to have to find one near me!

  3. Love the dress!

    I'm so jealous of the clearance center! There's only an outlet nearish to me and their stuff hasn't been impressive because it's made for them as opposed to leftovers from the stores. You got a TON of stuff!

  4. I'll have to visit sometimes as that is somewhat close to me. I use to work near there but never went in but now that I know cardigans are that cheap, I'll go soon.

  5. Beautiful!!

    That Talbot's Clearance Center looks like a blast!

  6. Your look is great as always Bianca! I love the colors!

    I so hate that we couldn't meet up but I look forward to Labor Day!

  7. That's a gorgeous dress, I love it!

    It looks like you really made out well with what you bought on clearance - great job!

  8. FJ - THanks! Huge fan of pockets here! :-)

    Sarah - I had to drive 8 hours each way to visit one ;-) ok, I was in town already LOL.

    Nicole - I am with you! I do not even bother with the outlet. I hate the Ann Taylor outlet too. Heh

    Nisha - they had some great deals! Those floral skirts I have were there for like $18!!

    Pear - it was a leetle too fun. LOL

    Corie -thanks! Next time will be a more "leisurely" visit, so we will be good. :-)

    Melissa - thanks! :-)I love some clearance!! :-)


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