Playing with Polyvore

Hi all! Hope your week is going well.

I have a friend who iMed me the other day with some wardrobing questions. She has her own business providing IT service to non-profits, and her day might include meetings to recommend hardware purchases, updating 100 laptops with new software or crawling under desks and behind servers.

She has been living in polos, jeans and Sketchers Shape-ups, and is looking to upgrade her wardrobe, but wants to keep her jeans and comfy shoes. I put together some Polyvores to help her with some ideas to get started. Here they are!


  1. Ooo! The first is my favorite but the third has a lot of cool details.

  2. I agree with Kelly above. LOOOOVE the first and the third!

  3. Love all the looks.

  4. I really love these suggestions - lots of ideas for jeans/t-shirt outfits. I'm madly in love with the second one because I've been in the market for a pair of boat shoes...


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