Oooh pretty...

Just got my new Talbot's catalog, and I love it. I think I can understand the final sale policy. There are soooo many new items, I am pretty sure, they needed the warehouse space. :-)

Did you guys get the new catalog? What did you think? I went through a whole bunch of Lucky stickers :-) For the record, if you do not get the catalog, I would recommend looking at it online or picking one up in store. I have a hard time shopping the stores and the internet sometimes if I haven't seen the fantastic styling in the catalog.

P.S. Nicole let us know that the Holiday Look Book has arrived as well!


  1. That is the first of many leather skirts I've seen that I actually like. And I'm usually averse to jean jackets, well... I'm going to head over to their website now...

  2. I read your post and had to run out to the mailbox in my pjs to see if mine had come. It did! I can't wait to drool all over it.

    Right now I'm waiting for a pop-back to arrive. I ordered the navy polo dress with the anchors on it. I already have the black ruffled polo dress and love it, so I'm hoping I like this new one just as much!

  3. OMG! Holiday Look Book is already online!

  4. LOL, I got all excited about it's appearance before even looking at it. Lots of pretties, but I only took a few screenshots to save for inspiration. I work at a place where I can dress VERY casually and we don't go to many parties, so I have no practical use for a lot of these items.

    I'm distracted by Red Dead Redemption while trying to look at both the new September catalog and the Holiday one. We have company and the husband is showing off his giant tv.

    Thanks for the shout-out, too! Now if only I kept a regular blog...I always think about it, but it never happens!

  5. Amanda - I think you might be pleasantly surprised - I know what you like, and I think you are going to find a thing or two ;-)

    Nicole - Yes, you need to get to blogging! ;-) I loved the posts you made, when you were posting. I know you have some great stuff LOL, so get it out there (hehe)!! I know it can be time consuming though. I hope that navy dress works out, I love it!!

    I loved the stuff in the Holiday Lookbook, but gold isn't my best color ;-) It all sort of blends together. :0) Its supposed to be HUGE for this fall/winter though.

  6. Omg love the title of you blog
    new follow hope you can follow too

  7. Curves Ahead - yours is sooo cute too! I followed your blog, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Talbots needs to cut you a check Bianca because honestly, I never even stopped to look at their stuff until I started reading your blogs. They always came across as matronly to me and now they are one of my fave curvy girl brands. There are so many things I.must.have from their Fall line.


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