Monday and Online Talbot's Clearance

So today's outfit was pretty basic, BUT - after our whirlwind visit to GA, I came home, and this morning was updating my wishlist on Talbot's to reflect the items I got at the Clearance Center... and lo and behold, all my other goodies on my wishlist had dropped in price **drastically**. So, I did what any gift-card holding red-blooded American would do, and spent it on a thing or two I have been wanting foreva!! (At least since May)..Its all final sale, so fingers crossed

I really needed this, but I promise to (will try to) *not* to wear it with Sperrys ($17)

This pineapple tote was required for my upcoming cruise and was the most expensive thing I got ($20)
And I really felt the urge for some nice, preppy argyle in my life ($19.50)
I also got some super cheap tops that I hope will fit, these were a bit of a gamble, having not tried them, only items similar to them, so, hoping that the 16P will be fine. They were $14.40

I also grabbed a few $10 tees. If you are going to look, be sure to check out the shoes! The last two pairs I received were made in Brazil and they look and feel great!! Scarves are maked down drastically as well. Some in the $7 range!

OK, now that all the excitement is over, what did I wear today?

Sleeveless Top - Talbots $15
Coral Cardi - Loft $17
Khaki Skirt - Target $20
Shoes - Talbots $35


  1. Wow, you scored at Talbots!! I saw you won the gift card on red chair confessions - great job!! I think you should sponsor you for as much as you talk about them and wear their clothes!

  2. I noticed that you won the gift card too~ Yeaaa CONGRATS!!! (and you looked awesome in the feature too, I was so excited, like "OOOHHH I KOW HER', lol) I saw a few good things on that sale, but I was a punk to buy anything cuz I cant return it. 'Final Sale' SUCKS, lol

  3. Sarah -- thanks so much! I was so excited to win :-)

    TI - thanks!! and I am not a fan of the final sale either. :-/


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