Loft Friends and Family

Loft Friends and Family, starts Tuesday.


  1. OMG, did you see the huge markdowns online at Talbots? I had them pull some stuff at a nearby store for me to go try on at lunch. Shorts for $11.99! Pencil skirts in the $20s!

    I was hoping the yacht-print cardi and skirt would work for me, but they didn't. :( I did score a pair of seahorse shorts, navy eyelet pencil skirt, navy ruffled shirtdress, and striped boatneck tee (also in navy...).

    So many awesome things, but I want to save money for the fall stuff, plus it's FS, so I'm only buying things I love and will truly wear.

  2. Gi - Of course! :-)

    Nicole - YESSS lol. The navy yacht print skirt is so cute but that shape, I dunno who its right for? My store never got most of the collection in store, so I am taking a change on several of the items, but I have been drooling over them for ages. I have that boatneck tee in the earlier blue color and I love it!!

    You got some great items!! I really thought about that navy eyelet skirt too. I tried to stick with the navy and red tops mostly for the same reason as you - fall is a coming :-)


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