Is summer over?

Tomorrow, school starts for my dd - a Wednesday? Weird right? So, I guess summer is over for her! Are you guys drooling over all the Fall goodies? I may or may not have started a wish list for fall.

And, no, I am not expecting... This blouse is not maternity wear, its just not cooperating at the moment. Its usually much better behaved.

Purple blouse that looks really weird on camera...Target $7
Black Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Black cardi - Loft $15
Peep toe Flats - Loft $10


  1. I think you look great. That color is gorgeous on you!

  2. you are so silly! lol it doesn't even look like you're expecting!

    I think you look always. I love the color.

  3. You do not look preggers!! You look great as usually - I like this color on you. Your hair looks great too!!

  4. Thanks all! Shrugs, maybe it doesn't look like a maternity blouse?

  5. Did you get your hair cropped again? You look divine in that color & with that hurrrr!

  6. Gi - Yessss, its even shorter LOL.


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