Wednesday: My Mantle, Is Pink and Green still preppy and other burning questions...

Hey everyone! Its Wednesday - I am chillen (do the kids still say that?), watching some "SYTYCD" aka "Dance" with hubby dear.

Today I wore some flamingo pink and kelly green, which, if I recall correctly was an approved color combo in the "Official Preppy Handbook". Hubby thought I should pose in front of the mantle to go with the preppyliciousness...well, I am a little short, so that didn't quite go as planned. Its ok though, the color combo may be preppy, but there is no proper sweater set, pressed khakis or inherited pearls, so the effect isn't right anyhow LOL.

I used to have a friend at work that would ask me where I got what I was wearing everyday, and I could almost always tell her the whole story about the item. She was always amazed that I could remember who/what/where and why. Do you have stories for your clothes?

Pink Cardigan - Talbots $20 (last summer) - This sweater I bought in store at a local Talbot's shortly after moving to North Carolina. It was part of their pink, yellow and orange colorway, and I did not end up with many items from this catalog - it was not one of my favorites. I was on a bit of a cardigan buying binge during this time, I was alone during the day as hubby had started his new job, and I hadn't found one yet, Ariana was visiting her gramma, so it was just me until late in the evening. It is one of a few reminders of my loooong days of not working. Its a XLP

Green Split Neck Popover - Talbots $15 (final sale, recently)- This I bought in store at the Fashion Square Mall while in Las Vegas. I thought it was so pretty, and i was happy to have a shirt fit both over my hips and also under my arms without needing another shirt on under it. Usually, if it covers the hips, the armholes are HUGE - this the main reason I usually do not wear sleeveless. I bought it in a second color when I got home because of the fit. Its a 16P

Wide Leg Pants - The Limited $17 (Feb 09) - These I bought online, and was one of the first items I bought from them, I was poking around online, and realized (at the time) they sold 16 and 18 "short" pants online. That was exciting for me (lol) to have another source for short pants. They are 16S

Yeah, here is the mantle..


  1. I like the pink and green together! I, too, can remember every detail of buying my clothes and/or the reason why I wanted them. Clothes can be very personal so how could someone not remember those details?!

  2. Hey Bianca! You always look so fab and at the prices that are a steal - don't know how you do it, but go GIRL!!!!!

  3. I love the colors Bianca! Pink and green definitely work great together.

  4. AA - glad to know I am not the only one. :-)

    JCrew - thanks! and thanks for posting :-)

    Beth - thank you! i love a sale. :-)

    Corie - thanks! :-)

  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one with stories about my clothes. The combination of pink and green is FANTASTIC!

    I tagged you over on my blog!

  6. FJ - :-) Great Minds. :-) I am just catching up on all the posts, but will be sure to check it out!1 :-)


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