Wednesday - Mid Week Neutrals Black, Brown and White

I am starting with the pro pic of this jacket - in khaki so you can see the cute details! I needed black, and really did NOT need another khaki jacket, but I may go back LOL. For some reason this jacket is on sale in ALL colors in store, but online some colors are sale, and some are regular? Dunno what's up with that.

Ok, here is me in the black - boo for no details showing up. This one is a 16P, and I could have done the regular 14 as well, but I liked the shorter sleeve. Oh and this is begging for shorts! Can't wait to wear it like that. :-)

Ruffled Twill Jacket
- Talbots $55
Black Sweater - Loft (last summer) $10
Linen Skirt - Speigel (last summer) $18
Shoes - Aerosoles (older)


  1. I agree.. the skirt is soooo cute.. but the details on that jacket are soo darling..cute cute cuuuuute!

  2. Great outfit! The skirt is CUTE and that jacket is worth having in two colors. ;)

  3. I loove that jacket. And it's great with the suit - and like Frances said, definitely worth having in a few colors.

  4. What a great outit!!! That skirt is fantastic and I love the jacket. I'd go back for the khaki too!

    {PS - thanks for stopping by my blog, too! I think your comment was right on, and I'll definitely try your suggestion of wearing a tee instead!}

  5. Cute!

    I own this jacket too!
    In the khaki, like the model.
    But, I'm a 16P, so it doesn't look that similar to the model's! Ha!

    Love the jacket...looks cute on us short & curvies!


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