Wednesday in Neutral Again :-)

Guess I am afraid of color on Wednesdays! Not on purpose, but I have neutrals two weeks in a row on Wednesday.

Guess what?

I won a major award! Ha ha, okay well - maybe not a major award, but I did win a AWESOME prize. The Talbot's blog "Red Chair Confessions" has a new contest "DIY Spotted". You can upload a photo of yourself wearing your fave piece of Talbots gear and once a month, they pick a winner! I am Miss June!! (lol) Check it out and ENTER the contest guys!! Its a great prize and well worth the time it takes to enter. If I can win, I know you can too! :-)

Okay, back to today - I have this same jacket in blue in L, and I grabbed the khaki when it went on sale (a habit I have). I did get the khaki in the XL this time as I thought it gave a more casual look.

Side Zip Ankle Pants - Talbots $33
Khaki Jacket - Loft $30
Pinched Scoopneck White Tee - Talbots $11
Zebra Shoes - Talbots $29

And here is a second, weird pose just for fun LOL.


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations. They picked well ;-)

  2. That's so exciting! And I had to squeal a little because I also own that skirt!! :)

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on the award- just in time for the new stuff!

  4. Wonderful that you won the award. You looked great.

    I want to tell you my new trick. I get so annoyed at those skinny models in Talbots, not because they are tall and thin but because I can't imagine the same garment on myself. We live far from a major mall where try-ons are possible.

    I figured out to download the pic of a dress I admire and reshape it in my photo program (PhotoSuite) Changing the dimensions of the pic changes the appearance to short like me. Okay, so now her arms hang nearly to her knees; when I stood up and looked mine are pretty long, too. Maybe just my legs are short. At least I have a better idea how the dress will look IRL.

    My question for you: If Talbots description says a dress is 21 inches from the waist, can I depend on that?

  5. Kelly - Awww..thank you!!

    When Life - Yess....shes a beaut eh?

    Nicole - thank you, and yes, that thought may have crossed my mind LOLOLOL

    Nell - That is such a great/fun idea - although I would have to make it smaller and wider LOL!! As for the 21 inches, yes - kinda...when they give those measurements, I think they least a little give for possible curves, but not a whole lot :-) So, if you have a lot in the backside (like I do) I would assume its going to be about an half an inch to an inch shorter than listed. If you are not quite so "gifted" then I think the sizing is pretty true. :-)

  6. 1. How cute are YOU, Miss June! Congrats.
    2. Man, I love that jacket. I don't wear mine enough. I should take it out of the back seat of my car, LOL.
    3. I like the "goofy" pose. More of those, please!

  7. Miss June... couldn't have put it better myself!
    Make sure you take some snaps with your new goodies!


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