Tuesday! Blue and Greenday

Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday. :-)

In this outfit, the tee and the skirt are new. I got them while on vacation. Its always fun to visit "your stores" in another town to see how they differ. I didnt see either item online anymore, but maybe in stores? This skirt feels really great. Stretchy and substantial at the same time. Very nice.

Blue Tee - Loft $15
Pattern Skirt - Talbots $35
Green Cardigan - Talbots free after classic rewards points redemption
Aerosoles "Chic Pea" Shoes - Aerosoles $30
Necklace - QVC

Skirt close-up


  1. That skirt is gorgeous!!! I LOVE it, and with those colors...Uff! Mine please! ;)

    -Christina <3

  2. Pretty pattern on that shirt!

    I love visiting "my" stores in other parts of the country. Heck, I love visiting them in other local malls! LOL.

  3. I visit my regular stores all the time when I travel and my BF doesn't get it... he's like what are you going to find in this Target that you can't find in the Target at home, silly BF! Love the pattern of the skirt :)

  4. great skirt. Very nice pattern

  5. That skirt looks so good on you I will be on my way to Talbots trying to duplicate this look. Keep doing what you do.

  6. Bianca....how cute is that skirt??!! you look great in it too girl!

  7. Christina - you can borrow it whenever you come over. haha

    Amanda - o yes, they are very cushy.

    Kristen - hah, I feel ya! They are all a little different right? :-)

    TI - thanks! :-)

    Iris - especially for us sale/clearance shoppers!!! ;-)

    Beth - thanks!!

    Pretty - Thank you! I hope you find the skirt, its really well done.

  8. And thanks Corie! I think I was typing my response when you posted. :-)

  9. I love every aspect of this! The colors, the pattern, the shapes. Great look Bianca!

  10. This outfit is seriously beautiful! I love the color combination and that skirt is AMAZING!

  11. Love the skirt! The green sweater is so pretty with the colors in the skirt.


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