THe S is for supa...

So its Thursday of one-hit wonder week. And likely the last day...I am leaving for Las Vegas for a few days, and won't be around to post!

Today, the one hit wonders are the blouse and skirt, each having been worn only once. :-)

Sleeveless Blouse - Loft $14.00
Pencil Skirt - Speigel $11.25
Grey Jacket - Loft $38
Grey Shoes - $20

And today's other one hit wonder.....

JJFAD and SUPERSONIC.....enjoy. :-)


  1. This is a great outfit!! I love the pinstripe with the floral, too cute. Also, good job finding a way to use everything in your wardrobe :)

  2. The pleating on that skirt is such a great little detail. I love it!

  3. Ok...I loved JJ Fad back in the day! lol

    Great outfit!

    I'm sure you'll have tons of pics from your Vegas trip. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. LOVE this jacket! And the shoes!
    And this song made me giggle! Loved your one-hit wonders idea!!


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