Pretty Basic

Was more interested in these colors together, so the outfit is pretty simple. The red top is from a Talbots line out in Feb 09, however, I was in the store today, and its an exact match to "deck red" from their June catalog, and the "deck red" items are on regular sale (not final sale)....

Red Tee - Talbots $9
Navy "Parachute Poplin Skirt" $29 (on final sale for $23.50) Talbots
Jacket - Loft $55


  1. Love the nude shoes & your hair looks divine :-)

  2. Bianca you look cute as always. I love the shoes. I have been searching for the perfect pair of nude shoes and can't seem to find any.

  3. Gi - Thanks! I am loving the short hair! :0)

    Corie - I had not found any I liked either, and do you know I found 2 pairs recently? I got these, and another pair from Talbots.

  4. u look cute, awesome photos :)


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