Its good to be back.....

Haha! Well, not really that great to be back :-) BUT I am using positive reinforcement to feel better~! Hope you had a great holiday week/end (to my Canadian and American friends). I was in Las Vegas visiting my mom, and the Strip, and a really cool resort. Had a great time!! Back to the grind. I suppose the grind helps us enjoy the vacations that much more. What did I miss other than 1700+ posts? (True unread number from my Google reader!)

Sweater - Loft $17 (July 10 - in store only)
Tee - Loft $10 (the mid-00s)
Skirt - Talbots $30 (Fall 08 - Clearance Center in ATL, GA)
Necklace - Loft $14 (June 10)
Shoes - Nine West

Not the best pic, but the necklace is cute.


  1. Welcome back hun!! Im glad you had lots of fun in Sin city! ;)

    You look sassy as usual, and i love that necklace! :)

    Make sure you catch up on all the awesome giveaways! (If you check out my site i have a large majority of them linked, so enter away!) =D

    Missed ya tons!

    -Christina <3

  2. Welcome back! Oh, I love Vegas; we haven't been in years, but I miss it.

    We do match! That coral/melon is so irresistible.

  3. great to have ya back! You look adorable.

    I won't even ask what you did in Vegas...I know the saying ;-)

  4. Glad you had fun in Vegas. Love that necklace!

  5. Glad to hear you had a great vacation! Love how the necklace matches with the cardigan.

  6. Christina - thanks! I love a giveaway!!

    Kristen - We had a blast, I'd recommend it as a great adult getaway! :-)

    Corie - thanks! Haha! Lots of stuff stays in Vegas! Mostly cash, but what are you gonna do LOL

    Frances and Amanda- Thank you! I like their jewelry there. :-)


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