Happy Monday!

I decided to break out my "lucky" skirt today. :-) I am wearing it with a "vintage" Loft top. (LOL). This banana colored blouse is probably 4-ish years old - maybe more - anyone have/remember it? Its different than their look these days - I would be more likely to find a top like this at Macy's now - not Loft. Jacket was from this spring, and is a regular staple in my closet. The cute bracelet is by Judith Ripka, and was a "souvenir" from our Vegas trip this year. I got it at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. Shoes are Nine West, and I got them at Ross (!) where I never find anything.

Hope everyone's week is starting off great! Did any one do any shopping this weekend? What did you get?

Floral Bouquet Skirt - Talbots $38
Cotton Dobby Jacket w/ Ruched Collar - Loft $29
Embroidered Blouse - Loft $????
Shoes - Nine West $25


  1. That really is a fantastic skirt and I love it with that top and jacket. Looks great!

  2. Great Ross find!! Very pretty bracelet too!

  3. oo. very pretty skirt! x


  4. Frances - thank you! :-)

    Sarah - thanks!!

    Mavy - thanks! I added your blog to my list - thank you for stopping by and saying hi!

  5. Gosh, I will Loft still made tops like that! So pretty.

  6. You have so many cute pieces. I've wanted to comment on every post. I love the jacket you have on here! So nice.


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