Et tu Talbots?

Hi, all. Talbots has now marked down the sale items to 40% off sale prices. The prices ARE as marked online, not 40% off the marked price.

Sadly, along with the lowered prices is something I have never seen at Talbots before: A little note stating "FINAL SALE" once the item is in your cart.

I IMed a rep, and indeed, sale items purchased with this marker are not returnable or exchangeable. I am shocked! The rep said they are trying to clear stock before fall.

Loyal customers are going to be pissed, and new customers who might be lured in by the lower prices won't want to try something that is on final sale. Now that being said, if the prices are low enough, I am sure items will sell, but they are not cheap enough now for this. Especially with the new pant cuts and sizing that have made it hard to find the right fit.

So, my recommendations for final sale items is always to only buy it if you already know it will work for (ie tried it on in the past, own it in another color, etc.)

I am very disappointed in Talbot's for going the final sale route. What do you guys think about the Final Sale idea? Maybe I am so appalled because this company used to take returns forever, no questions asked. Ah well, more money in the pocketbook for now.

As always, thanks for reading!!


  1. I have to agree.. Im not really a fan of "final sale" unless I know the item "intimately" (lol). so I definitely understand where you are coming from on this not so big sale.

  2. For those of us who live our lives by mailorder far from the city this is not good news at all.

    I might take the loss on an item that cost under $15, hardly worth the effort to return. A $50 non-returnable item by mail is more than I care to swallow. Do you think that everything will go to resellers now?

    Your blog is excellent. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now.

  3. Aww, that makes me sad! I totally can't buy things without trying them on- I'm all over the place with their pants and skirts. And I agree, some stuff isn't low enough for that either.

    I did buy a few final sale items at J Crew this past weekend, but only because I know they're going to get a ton of wear.

  4. That stinks about final sale! If something is a super good deal --under $15, I don't mind a final sale. However I want to know that it will fit me correctly, regardless!

  5. It's the same in the store! I couldn't believe it. I had to really think if I would wear the jacket before I got it, and like I told the girl, "$75 for a jacket is not really enough of a deal to make it 'final sale'." She agreed.

    I haven't shopped at Talbots in a couple of years, but I really needed some suit jackets and I couldn't avoid it. I don't think I will be back if they make that policy for good.

  6. I don't think I could do the "final sale"! I have to try things on before I can make a final purchase. Boo hisssss Talbots!

  7. TI - Me too, I placed a small order, that is ONLY items I already tried on in store, and knew I fit. It was about half the size my order would have been otherwise.

    NellJean - Ugh, that is awful! I have a local store in my "town", but they don't carry more than a couple of items in the women's petites in stores (eyeroll) LOL. I do believe will see more Talbot's items popping up at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. (not that I have Marshall's where I live LOL). I wonder if those recent items in TJMaxx were a trial run for this policy.

    Nicole - Me too, Lately I have been all over the place with their bottoms. Its a terrible time for "final sale" LOL.

    Natalie -ITA

    Kristen - SO hard to believe! And $75 is not a final sale kind of price.

    Dana - Haha! Rasperries for Talbot's new policy hehe.

    Thanks all for letting me complain and I agree about the $15 price point. Well, I guess it remains to be seen how this will affect their sales. Maybe we will see that $15 after all :-)

  8. Wow - -I didn't know the fs was in-store, too. I saw it online, but I would have been caught off guard in store.


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