Hey all, just popping in to say hi- I will be in the ATL this weekend for a baby shower and bday. Hoping to pop into that wonderful little Talbot's clearance center out there, but I am sorta short on time.

When you are out this weekend, remember that Ann Taylor (Loft) Friends and Family is coming up first week in August. Seems a little anticlimactic after all those weeks of 40% and 50% off. Ah well, I am going to presume there will not be any "bigger" coupons until then.

Have a happy weekend, and I will "see" you on Monday!

Wednesday: My Mantle, Is Pink and Green still preppy and other burning questions...

Hey everyone! Its Wednesday - I am chillen (do the kids still say that?), watching some "SYTYCD" aka "Dance" with hubby dear.

Today I wore some flamingo pink and kelly green, which, if I recall correctly was an approved color combo in the "Official Preppy Handbook". Hubby thought I should pose in front of the mantle to go with the preppyliciousness...well, I am a little short, so that didn't quite go as planned. Its ok though, the color combo may be preppy, but there is no proper sweater set, pressed khakis or inherited pearls, so the effect isn't right anyhow LOL.

I used to have a friend at work that would ask me where I got what I was wearing everyday, and I could almost always tell her the whole story about the item. She was always amazed that I could remember who/what/where and why. Do you have stories for your clothes?

Pink Cardigan - Talbots $20 (last summer) - This sweater I bought in store at a local Talbot's shortly after moving to North Carolina. It was part of their pink, yellow and orange colorway, and I did not end up with many items from this catalog - it was not one of my favorites. I was on a bit of a cardigan buying binge during this time, I was alone during the day as hubby had started his new job, and I hadn't found one yet, Ariana was visiting her gramma, so it was just me until late in the evening. It is one of a few reminders of my loooong days of not working. Its a XLP

Green Split Neck Popover - Talbots $15 (final sale, recently)- This I bought in store at the Fashion Square Mall while in Las Vegas. I thought it was so pretty, and i was happy to have a shirt fit both over my hips and also under my arms without needing another shirt on under it. Usually, if it covers the hips, the armholes are HUGE - this the main reason I usually do not wear sleeveless. I bought it in a second color when I got home because of the fit. Its a 16P

Wide Leg Pants - The Limited $17 (Feb 09) - These I bought online, and was one of the first items I bought from them, I was poking around online, and realized (at the time) they sold 16 and 18 "short" pants online. That was exciting for me (lol) to have another source for short pants. They are 16S

Yeah, here is the mantle..

Pretty Basic

Was more interested in these colors together, so the outfit is pretty simple. The red top is from a Talbots line out in Feb 09, however, I was in the store today, and its an exact match to "deck red" from their June catalog, and the "deck red" items are on regular sale (not final sale)....

Red Tee - Talbots $9
Navy "Parachute Poplin Skirt" $29 (on final sale for $23.50) Talbots
Jacket - Loft $55

Happy Monday!

I decided to break out my "lucky" skirt today. :-) I am wearing it with a "vintage" Loft top. (LOL). This banana colored blouse is probably 4-ish years old - maybe more - anyone have/remember it? Its different than their look these days - I would be more likely to find a top like this at Macy's now - not Loft. Jacket was from this spring, and is a regular staple in my closet. The cute bracelet is by Judith Ripka, and was a "souvenir" from our Vegas trip this year. I got it at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. Shoes are Nine West, and I got them at Ross (!) where I never find anything.

Hope everyone's week is starting off great! Did any one do any shopping this weekend? What did you get?

Floral Bouquet Skirt - Talbots $38
Cotton Dobby Jacket w/ Ruched Collar - Loft $29
Embroidered Blouse - Loft $????
Shoes - Nine West $25

A few deals to start the week

Here are a few coupons to start the week, if you know of others, please post them, and let us know! :-)

ANN TAYLOR - New arrivals - Free shipping on any order, $50 off $150 order with code: JULYAFF50

GAP / ON / BR - 2 days only - 30% off entire order and free shipping on orders $100+ with code SAVE30 exp 7/27

JCREW - 30% off clearance and free shipping on orders $150+ with code EXTRA30 - all sales final and must be $150 after discount to ship free.

LOFT - Some new arrivals - Free shipping on any order, $20 off a $75 order with code: JULYAFF20.

LIMITED - New Fall arrivals - $15 off $50 / $30 off $100 / $50 off $150 code 668

MACYS - Clearance sale - Save 25% on all clearance items, and ship clearance for .99 code: 99CENTS, expires 7/28

Talbots - New Markdowns

Hey Guys,

Talbots has lots of new markdowns - and the prices are much more palatable for "final sale" items. Also, if you are going to purchase anything today or tomorrow, use code FB500 for free shipping! :-)

There is also a section of sale items that are about 50% off original prices that are NOT final sale.

Thursday - Yellow and Grey

Happy Thursday! Is every one ready for the weekend? :-)

Animal Print Skirt - NY and CO (Fall 09) $6
Grey Placed Petal Tee - Loft (Fall 09) $15
Yellow Cardigan - Talbots (Spring 09) $7
Grey Shoes - Misbehave Brand via Amazon $20

Wednesday in Neutral Again :-)

Guess I am afraid of color on Wednesdays! Not on purpose, but I have neutrals two weeks in a row on Wednesday.

Guess what?

I won a major award! Ha ha, okay well - maybe not a major award, but I did win a AWESOME prize. The Talbot's blog "Red Chair Confessions" has a new contest "DIY Spotted". You can upload a photo of yourself wearing your fave piece of Talbots gear and once a month, they pick a winner! I am Miss June!! (lol) Check it out and ENTER the contest guys!! Its a great prize and well worth the time it takes to enter. If I can win, I know you can too! :-)

Okay, back to today - I have this same jacket in blue in L, and I grabbed the khaki when it went on sale (a habit I have). I did get the khaki in the XL this time as I thought it gave a more casual look.

Side Zip Ankle Pants - Talbots $33
Khaki Jacket - Loft $30
Pinched Scoopneck White Tee - Talbots $11
Zebra Shoes - Talbots $29

And here is a second, weird pose just for fun LOL.

Uniform Tuesday

I wasn't feeling so hot this morning, so I ended up in "the uniform" - cardigan, pencil skirt and tee. I love the little origami folds on it! SO cute!! :-) Check out the closeup pics!

Origami Petal Cardigan - Talbots $35 (now $26.39 on final sale)
Pencil Skirt - Chadwicks $15 (sold out)
Black Tee - Loft $10 (Summer 09)
Necklace - Judith Ripka

Green Navy and Khaki - Oh my?

Here is another fantastic top from Talbots, that did not photograph so well. I have it in that great summer green color. I decided on a 16P, and its a little loose, and fits easily over my hips. There were a few online, and lots in the store - which I suspect I will be visiting more frequently with the new return policy.

Here is the stock image from Talbots:

Sleeveless Blouse "Split Neck Popover" - Talbots $15 (on final sale) (July 10)
Cotton Dobby Navy Jacket - Loft $55 (May 10)
Khaki Sateen Skirt - Spiegel $15 (used coupon, and birthday gift cert from Spiegel) (April 10)
Shoes "Ginetics" - Aerosoles $30 (July 10)

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!!! Happy Monday, and thanks for reading!!

Inbox ROund up

A couple of sales this weekend. Lemme know if you see anything good.... :-)

Loft - additional 50% off all sale items and 50% off many newer items, including those awesome printed skirts. They feel really nice. I missed the skirt I had my eye on (above) in my size, but they still have some sizing in it.

The Limited
- 30% off entire purchase with code 196 . Dont forget, they offer short pant lengths online. I really like their lexy cut a lot. Offer through this weekend.

Eliza Parker (plus sizes) has $20 off $100 and free shipping with code JULY2o

Nordstroms has their anniversary sale going on. Lots of great ideas there, its always fun to get such a big discount as sort of a "pre-sale" usually, the sale stuff is the "left-overs" :-) I noticed they have Spanx on sale as well, I don't think Spanx normally go on sale places.

Coldwater Creek has some nice markdowns, and free shipping on orders of $100 with code WHH3564.

LL Bean has some "summer favorites" 20% off, and free shipping with code 3028482.

Lands End has a huge summer sale going on. Free shipping for them is code JULY20 pin 5810

Lane Bryant - online only $20 off $40. Free ship to store, or $7 flat rate otherwise. Thinking about getting another pair of jeans. :-)

Talbots - Final Sale items are an additional 40% off. :-/

Et tu Talbots?

Hi, all. Talbots has now marked down the sale items to 40% off sale prices. The prices ARE as marked online, not 40% off the marked price.

Sadly, along with the lowered prices is something I have never seen at Talbots before: A little note stating "FINAL SALE" once the item is in your cart.

I IMed a rep, and indeed, sale items purchased with this marker are not returnable or exchangeable. I am shocked! The rep said they are trying to clear stock before fall.

Loyal customers are going to be pissed, and new customers who might be lured in by the lower prices won't want to try something that is on final sale. Now that being said, if the prices are low enough, I am sure items will sell, but they are not cheap enough now for this. Especially with the new pant cuts and sizing that have made it hard to find the right fit.

So, my recommendations for final sale items is always to only buy it if you already know it will work for (ie tried it on in the past, own it in another color, etc.)

I am very disappointed in Talbot's for going the final sale route. What do you guys think about the Final Sale idea? Maybe I am so appalled because this company used to take returns forever, no questions asked. Ah well, more money in the pocketbook for now.

As always, thanks for reading!!

Wednesday - Mid Week Neutrals Black, Brown and White

I am starting with the pro pic of this jacket - in khaki so you can see the cute details! I needed black, and really did NOT need another khaki jacket, but I may go back LOL. For some reason this jacket is on sale in ALL colors in store, but online some colors are sale, and some are regular? Dunno what's up with that.

Ok, here is me in the black - boo for no details showing up. This one is a 16P, and I could have done the regular 14 as well, but I liked the shorter sleeve. Oh and this is begging for shorts! Can't wait to wear it like that. :-)

Ruffled Twill Jacket
- Talbots $55
Black Sweater - Loft (last summer) $10
Linen Skirt - Speigel (last summer) $18
Shoes - Aerosoles (older)

Tuesday! Blue and Greenday

Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday. :-)

In this outfit, the tee and the skirt are new. I got them while on vacation. Its always fun to visit "your stores" in another town to see how they differ. I didnt see either item online anymore, but maybe in stores? This skirt feels really great. Stretchy and substantial at the same time. Very nice.

Blue Tee - Loft $15
Pattern Skirt - Talbots $35
Green Cardigan - Talbots free after classic rewards points redemption
Aerosoles "Chic Pea" Shoes - Aerosoles $30
Necklace - QVC

Skirt close-up

Its good to be back.....

Haha! Well, not really that great to be back :-) BUT I am using positive reinforcement to feel better~! Hope you had a great holiday week/end (to my Canadian and American friends). I was in Las Vegas visiting my mom, and the Strip, and a really cool resort. Had a great time!! Back to the grind. I suppose the grind helps us enjoy the vacations that much more. What did I miss other than 1700+ posts? (True unread number from my Google reader!)

Sweater - Loft $17 (July 10 - in store only)
Tee - Loft $10 (the mid-00s)
Skirt - Talbots $30 (Fall 08 - Clearance Center in ATL, GA)
Necklace - Loft $14 (June 10)
Shoes - Nine West

Not the best pic, but the necklace is cute.

THe S is for supa...

So its Thursday of one-hit wonder week. And likely the last day...I am leaving for Las Vegas for a few days, and won't be around to post!

Today, the one hit wonders are the blouse and skirt, each having been worn only once. :-)

Sleeveless Blouse - Loft $14.00
Pencil Skirt - Speigel $11.25
Grey Jacket - Loft $38
Grey Shoes - Amazon.com $20

And today's other one hit wonder.....

JJFAD and SUPERSONIC.....enjoy. :-)

Coupon Round Up for the Weekend!

Here are some of this weekend's coupons, I update anything new I see tomorrow.

Talbots is rumored to have some additional discounts on sale items, but I will post when I know for sure....could be our next markdown on the red hanger sale. (fingers crossed) Also expecting something good from the Limited and probably New York and Co. Please post in the comments if you see anything good! :-)

American Eagle - 30% off all clearance automatically deducted in cart, Free shipping on 3+ items, and extra 15% off with code 32944527

This cute tiered skirt is $12 before discounts and coupons great for summer. :-)

Martin and Osa has 50% off the entire site as well. Free shipping at $100, or $7 flat rate shipping. Items are getting limited. (Online only.)

Canvas (sizes 0-14) by land's end has a summer sale going on, a good time to try it out, if interested. :-) Regular Land's End also has a summer sale. :-)

Chicos is offering an additional 30% off markdowns. If any of you guys do yoga or pilates, I would highly recommend talking a peek at their "Zenergy" items.

GAP - 25% off orders, and free shipping with a $100 million dollar spend. Code GAPJULY4

Coldwater Creek
has a bunch of new markdowns on the site. Check out the accessories, some super cute scarves! Use coupon code WHH7833 for free shipping on any size order AND $20 off $80. :-)

Macys has some great markdowns! Our friend Ms. Shopportunity found this gem, its in 12P and 14P. Free shipping on orders of $100+ with code FIREWORKS

Spense Petite Dress $29.99

Ann Taylor has 40% off markdowns in store and online code JULY40

Loft has 40% off the entire site with code FIX40, or in stores no coupon needed. I think this bad boy is super cute. It runs smaller than usual, I have another one of their recent pencil skirts in 14, but this wouldn't even think about zipping up in 14, so I would have to order online. Considering it...