Wednesday in Purple

Purple is really one of my favorite colors, but it feels like a late season color - fall and winter I though I would remedy that with bit more purple. Haha Ok, with lavender. Did it work?

This scarf is pretty cute, its two sided so you see some petals and some plaid. So you guys saw that the Talbot's Red Hanger sale has started??? Exciting times!....I have scouted some things, but will probably be waiting for the next round of markdowns.

Placed Petal Tee - Loft $10
Stretch Sateen Jacket - Speigel $30 (after coupons)
Scarf - Talbots $10 (during extra 25% off and coupon)


  1. You are the third blogger who has mentioned talbot's this week. I better run over there. I love purple too.

  2. Beautiful scarf! I did see the talbots sale - I saw some things I really liked but will wait for more markdowns too!

  3. Oooh, pretty purples! I think you can wear it year-round. At least, I hope we can! :)

  4. That scarf is so cool, lve the mix of prints.
    I think that purple looks good on you so you should wear it whenever.Maybe with some white you can make it during summer.

  5. You look great in purple! And I love the scarf! It really makes the purple pop!

  6. That scarf is awesome! I love the two different prints!

    I like the fit of that jacket too. Nicely nipped at the waist. =)

  7. purple is one of my fave color also! lovely scarf

  8. I love purple too! I just can't find a lot of it in the retail stores. But I love that scarf! How it!

  9. Beth - Yes, I have noticed its gaining in momentum lately! Hope you find some cute stuff! :-) I started shopping there because they offer women's petites - a rare sighting in the world!

    Sarah - thats my girl. ;-)

    Kristen - Ahhh you are a purple girl too aren't you? :-) I think its just with my dark hair, there is not contrast. :-/

    Nurmisur - that is a brilliant idea. Purple and white sounds fab.

    Case - thanks! its cuter IRL. :-)

    Atl Needed - I love this jacket so much ( bought multiples)

    Loving Linda - Thanks! Love your blog btw!

    Corie - I took major advantage last fall when purple was on the scene, I bought a few things! :-)

  10. What a lovely shade on you! I love the purple with the grey. The scarf is so pretty.


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