Monday Again

Can you guys believe its Monday again? Every week, I swear another Monday. Ah well. Did you guys have a good weekend? I was a little MIA - went to visit family in Virginia. :-) Any good shopping while I was out?

Cotton Dobby Jacket with Ruched Collar - Loft $55 (a few months ago)
Striped Tee - Loft $?? Its an old one
Bedford Cord Trousers - Talbots $27
Necklace - QVC


  1. I fell ya! Mondays....Tuesdays...Wednesdays...blah blah. I only love Fridays after 4:30 & all day Saturdays!!

    I did some shopping at the American Apparel flea market here in Atlanta on Saturday. I'll post pics soon.

    Cute jacket..*cough* so mine *cough*


  2. Can't wait to see whatcha got!!! I am excited LOL.

    And I keep telling you, just come on "up" and get it! :-)

  3. luv luv the jacket.. and that necklace is really cute too!


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