I'm a Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World...

Come on Barbie, Lets go Party....

Wednesday here on One Hit Wonder week. Since I am wearing a pink pencil skirt a la 1960 Fashion Editor Barbie...

If only I had a pink jacket~ haha. So today, I am wearing my "Don Johnson" jacket, which I have worn only once before. And my Barbie Pink skirt which I have worn once before. :-)

Oh, and these shoes are in their initial wear as well!

Dark Blue Jacket - Talbots $13
Sateen Skirt - Speigel $15 (sale + coupon)
Brown Cabbage-like skirt - Loft $5
Brown Sandals - Nine West $25
Bag - B Makowsky

And yes....our One Hit Wonder of the Day...

You guessed it. One Hit Wonders (state-side anyway) Aqua, singing Barbie Girl. My daughter loved this one.


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