Happy Thursday!

Ok, one more day left this week! ON Monday, someone asked me how it was going - it was around 2pm. Unthinking, I replied "Its been a long week." It has been a really long week this week! So, I am so glad its almost week's end.

I am wearing some fun costume jewelry from my favorite ebay seller. He/she? sells jewelry from Macys on the serious cheap. Check it out! :-)

Also, glad you guys like the giveaway! Good luck to all the entrants!

The goods:
Four Pocket SailCloth Jacket - Loft $55
Ruched Sleeve Tee - Loft $9 (currently 50% off + savings card)
Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Faux Jet Necklace $3.99 ebay seller mytag
Long Black Necklace $2.99 ebay seller mytag


  1. Love the blue-on-blue combo, and those shoes are divine! Great outfit.

  2. You look great! Thanks for the tip on the jewelry ebay seller. They have some amazing items.

  3. I love the combination of that utilitarian jacket with the pencil skirt.

  4. Love the new outfit! And the new layout - especially the curvy girl. :)

  5. Kristen - thanks so much!

    Cynthia - you are welcome, they are one of my faves!

    Frances Joy - thank you :-)

    Amanda - hey thanks! I never really know if people read at the blog or not, but thought it was time for a fresh look. :-)

  6. Great outfit and I'm loving those shoes!



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