Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Hi fam! Its Tuesday on One Hit Wonder Week.

I have worn this jacket once, although I just realized it was with a similar outfit. :-/ Oops. The skirt I wore once, although apparently I was not fully awake that day as I cut the tags off it today. But I know I wore it!

Canvas Jacket - Talbots $35
Ruffled Polo - Target $6.50
Off white Skirt - Talbots $25
Chain - QVC
Pendant - Ebay
Shoes - Aerosoles
Bag - B. Makowsky

Tonight's One Hit Wonder, you may have guessed from the title...
Ice, Ice Baby......

Do you remember Mr. Van Winkle? I remember hating him with a passion, lots of gals I knew had posters of him on their walls!! Can you believe that? Now, I remember seeing this In Living Color clip and howling with laughter. Poor Mr. Van Winkle, Jim Carrey got you down good!

Aiight Stop While I do Up my laces...


  1. Ooooh - I really like that green on you. And the jacket is classic but with the unique cut. And I've actually never seen the Jim Carrey spoof, so thanks for sharing. My mum wouldn't let us watch In Living Color when I was younger! Sort of like she blocked MTV.

  2. I remember when that In Living Color sketch was on for real. Oh, boy.

    I LOVE this jacket. I know I have said it before but it bears repeating.

  3. Amanda - As any self respecting parent should have LOL! I try and block MTV from my kiddo too LOL.

    Taylor - Good stuff eh? THanks about the jacket. :-)


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