I'm a Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World...

Come on Barbie, Lets go Party....

Wednesday here on One Hit Wonder week. Since I am wearing a pink pencil skirt a la 1960 Fashion Editor Barbie...

If only I had a pink jacket~ haha. So today, I am wearing my "Don Johnson" jacket, which I have worn only once before. And my Barbie Pink skirt which I have worn once before. :-)

Oh, and these shoes are in their initial wear as well!

Dark Blue Jacket - Talbots $13
Sateen Skirt - Speigel $15 (sale + coupon)
Brown Cabbage-like skirt - Loft $5
Brown Sandals - Nine West $25
Bag - B Makowsky

And yes....our One Hit Wonder of the Day...

You guessed it. One Hit Wonders (state-side anyway) Aqua, singing Barbie Girl. My daughter loved this one.

Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Hi fam! Its Tuesday on One Hit Wonder Week.

I have worn this jacket once, although I just realized it was with a similar outfit. :-/ Oops. The skirt I wore once, although apparently I was not fully awake that day as I cut the tags off it today. But I know I wore it!

Canvas Jacket - Talbots $35
Ruffled Polo - Target $6.50
Off white Skirt - Talbots $25
Chain - QVC
Pendant - Ebay
Shoes - Aerosoles
Bag - B. Makowsky

Tonight's One Hit Wonder, you may have guessed from the title...
Ice, Ice Baby......

Do you remember Mr. Van Winkle? I remember hating him with a passion, lots of gals I knew had posters of him on their walls!! Can you believe that? Now, I remember seeing this In Living Color clip and howling with laughter. Poor Mr. Van Winkle, Jim Carrey got you down good!

Aiight Stop While I do Up my laces...

Yellow Cardigans?

So, any looking for a yellow cardi? I enjoyed wearing my yellow blazer yesterday...but my yellow cardi is for cooler weather. I was looking for a summery yellow cardi, and thought I would share a couple!

Short Sleeves Cabled Cardi from Talbots $38 (Misses, Petite, Plus and Plus Petite)

Ruffled Cardi 3/4 sleeves from Talbots $48 (Misses, Petite, Plus and Plus Petite)

Old Navy Pontelle Cardigan $29.50 (XS-XXL)

Mossimo Yellow Cardigan $18 (Juniors Sizes)

One Hit Wonder Week - Monday

This week, is "one hit wonder" week here at Deals for the Short and Curvy! At least 66% of the items in my daily outfits will be items that have been worn once or less. :-)

Sateen Short Sleeve Jacket - Spiegel $16.00 Clearance Color + Coupon (never worn before)
Short Sleeve Silk Blouse - Gap $9 (never worn before)
Denim Skirt - Loft $27 (worn lots of times)
Shoes "Misbehave" Brand
Tote - B. Makowsky

For dinner, I changed the blouse to a tee and the skirt into jeans. :-)

And here is another one-hit wonder:

Wednesday in Purple

Purple is really one of my favorite colors, but it feels like a late season color - fall and winter ish....so I though I would remedy that with bit more purple. Haha Ok, with lavender. Did it work?

This scarf is pretty cute, its two sided so you see some petals and some plaid. So you guys saw that the Talbot's Red Hanger sale has started??? Exciting times!....I have scouted some things, but will probably be waiting for the next round of markdowns.

Placed Petal Tee - Loft $10
Stretch Sateen Jacket - Speigel $30 (after coupons)
Scarf - Talbots $10 (during extra 25% off and coupon)

Tuesday in Bloom

Hey all, here is the second outfit try with the blue pencil skirt from Talbots. :-) I like this skirt quite a bit. It makes me wish JCrew made skirts in my size, they always have such interesting and colorful pencil skirts that are not in my size. :-/

"Our Signature Floral Pencil Skirt" Talbots $47. Sold out online.
Belted Utility Jacket in Oregano - Gap $16 in store ($25 online, also in Khaki and Denim)
Denim Shirt - New York and Company $7

Monday Again

Yes, another Monday. Well, this one is a great Monday for once, because darling hubby returns from another trip tonight (yay). He was gone long enough to send postcards this time. :-/ haha

I have been having a rough time at work for a couple of days - on a single reporting project. Its trying to break me, but it doesn't know me well LOL.

Anyways, as mentioned hubby is away, my outfits seem to be less creative when he is out of town. I think our life is just all out of whack when he's not here, so maybe I don't have the time of energy to come up with fun things.

Red Cardigan Sweater - Talbots$17 (Feb 09)
Black Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15 (Fall 09)
White no-see through tee - Target $10 (Sold out online, still instores)

As always, thanks for reading!!

Inbox Roundup

Here are a few things from my inbox, I will do some more digging later today....

Martin and Osa - 50% off your purchase, discount is applied automatically in cart. There are no exchanges or refunds.

Loft - still has 40% off clearance. If you have a local store, they are running $15 off $75 with this coupon, which at my store can be combined with the 40% off clearance. YMMV.

NY and CO
has everything on sale starting at $6.00 - Lots of it is in the $12-$15 range.

This is $14.99, and could be great for pool / beach wear or as a coverup. (Or as a blouse :-p)

This is $7.99

The Limited
has a bunch of new clearance as well. Try adding coupon code 405 for an additional 15% off.

This, and other tees are $6.99

The GAP has their summer sale going on. I-nstores and online, take an additional 20% off this weekend with GAP20 and free shipping at $100.00

This cute skirt is $14.99 in petite and tall, and regular up to size 20.

Talbots - buy one sale item, get the second for 50% off. Discount appears in shopping bag. This is probably the start of the red hanger season. Good to buy now if you are afraid your size might run out, but probably by the first week in July we will be seeing some really major markdowns.

QVC - Early purchase for the Sat TSV - B. Makowski tote in 2 sizes, 5 colors. Also has Evil Pay, if you like.

Giveaway Winner

Thank you so much for participating. This was a popular one, and I believe I will be hosting one regularly coming up, so "stay tuned"! I really wish I could give a card to everyone, I loved reading all the notes you guys left, but sadly, like Highlander, there can be only one. So with no further ado, the winner of the $80 gift card from CSN stores is....

Lucky Number 107


Congrats Avonlea! Look for my email!


Hey all! Just a basic quickie tonight! Have some catching up on your blogs to do! :-)

The Stuff:
PolkaDot Blouse - Cato $16
Pants -Limited - $17
Pink Cardigan - Talbots $25

Monday Again

Can you guys believe its Monday again? Every week, I swear another Monday. Ah well. Did you guys have a good weekend? I was a little MIA - went to visit family in Virginia. :-) Any good shopping while I was out?

Cotton Dobby Jacket with Ruched Collar - Loft $55 (a few months ago)
Striped Tee - Loft $?? Its an old one
Bedford Cord Trousers - Talbots $27
Necklace - QVC

Happy Thursday!

Ok, one more day left this week! ON Monday, someone asked me how it was going - it was around 2pm. Unthinking, I replied "Its been a long week." It has been a really long week this week! So, I am so glad its almost week's end.

I am wearing some fun costume jewelry from my favorite ebay seller. He/she? sells jewelry from Macys on the serious cheap. Check it out! :-)

Also, glad you guys like the giveaway! Good luck to all the entrants!

The goods:
Four Pocket SailCloth Jacket - Loft $55
Ruched Sleeve Tee - Loft $9 (currently 50% off + savings card)
Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Faux Jet Necklace $3.99 ebay seller mytag
Long Black Necklace $2.99 ebay seller mytag


ETA: Hey everyone, thanks so much for playing. The contest is now closed. I will draw a name and post this evening. :-)

Hey everyone!! We have another giveaway, and its a good one....

What are you playing for?
A one-time use gift card for $80 for any of the CSN stores!

Who is our sponsor?

CSN Stores. You may remember them from an earlier giveaway this year! They are a company with a wide range of online stores that carry everything from headboards to shoes, handbags, mailboxes, blenders, shoe racks, decorative pillows..... well, tons of things.

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How do you enter?

Post to this giveaway thread! Yep, that's it, nice and easy! Be sure and leave your email addy, or pop back in next Wednesday night (6.16.2010) for the drawing. ETA: Sorry, I forgot to say earlier, must be in US or Canada to win.

After you enter, go poke around the stores, you will be amazed by how much stuff they carry!

Wednesday Daily Wear

Basic today. :-)

Red Cardigan - Talbots (old) $17
Denim Skirt - Loft $25
Grey/Tan Striped Tee - New York and COmpany $5.99 (recently)

Upcoming Giveaway

Hey ladies - this Spring, you may remember we did a fun giveaway with CSN stores, for a really cool tote. They are going to give us another cool giveaway coming up real soon!

Who is CSN stores?

A company whose online stores carry everything from headboards to shoes, handbags, mailboxes etc etc. Keep your eyes peeled!!


Monday, Monday

Cotton Print Ikat Top - Talbots $39 (Spring 09)
Cotton Dobby Jacket w/ Ruched Collar - Loft $29
Black Denim Skirt - Chadwicks - $15

I got awards from two! awesome bloggers this weekend. I will be posting about that later! :-)

Saturday Lounging

Hey all, hope your weekend was great. Here is what I wore on Sat.

Tank - Loft $18
Ruched Waistband Jacket - Loft $48
Shorts - Chadwicks $?? Old, and they were cheap, but cannot remember $$.

Sorry its a little blurry, but I used the MAC Amber Lights for this eye. There is MAC Showstopper on the outside edge and a MAC rust color in the crease. :-)

Yeah, ok, don't love it.

So I bought this sweater, and I didn't like it the first time I wore it, and I am not a fan now. :-/ I am mostly irritated with myself because I didn't love it in the dressing room and bought it anyways. I knew it was too long and not proportioned right for my size, but I really wanted the style in my head. Boo. Bad Bianca.

On a better note, I love this sleeveless blouse! I should have taken my photos without the sweater LOL!

Cardigan made for a taller / longer waisted person - Loft $17
Beautiful sleeveless blouse - Loft $14.99
Black Denim Skirt - Chadwicks $15

Love Talbots!!

Ok, soooooo here is my first attempt at dressing the super cute Talbot's skirt. You gotta love something fresh out of tags. :-) I do love this skirt, I got it in a 16W but the regular 16, 18, 16WP, or 14W all would have worked as well, just the fit was a little different for each, this was the longest of length.

Floral Bouquet Skirt - Talbots $38
Green Cardigan - Talbots (free after Classis Awards Dividend)
Ivory Tee - Loft $20
Belt - New York and Co $.99

Side Note: Christina /la Changa, your comments aren't working anymore, I think it happened right after the baby shower post. ;-)

Tuesday Wear

How was everyone's weekend? Do you know my daughter's school was in session yesterday? Instead of extending the school year, they attempt to make up for snow days on holidays. It seems pointless - why would someone send their kids to school on a holiday? And if the point is to make up a snow day, why do it on a day no one will send their kids to school? It all makes little sense to me. :-/ Ha.

So I did happen to make it to the Loft sale this weekend (of course) and found a couple of things (of course). My hubby picked out the top.... I would not have looked twice at it, but it was his pick so, I tried it on, and loved it. Its super pretty. I wish it photographed better!! I put the Loft photo at the bottom, since you can see the top better in it.

I got the XL in this one, did not try the large. The jacket is also an XL - often with jackets at the Loft I can go either L or XL depending on how I want it to fit. I really needed the XL on this one.

The Stuff
Silk Blouse with Dropped Waist - Loft $32.00
Ruched Waistband Jacket - Loft $47.00
Denim Pencil Skirt - Loft $25 (summer 08)
libby edelman espadrille wedges - Belk Dept. Store

These are some new shoes I got. I know there is some rule about short people and ankle straps. But, I love these shoes!! The polish is "Don't be koi with me" by OPI.

As always, thanks for reading!!