Sunday - Travelling

Hey everyone! I am travelling for work this upcoming week. I did not get to do any shopping this weekend, anyone see anything good out there?

When I fly I pretty much just wear jeans and a cardigan set. Keep it comfy. I also carry a large pashmina scarf that I can cover up with or wrap around my shoulders if I get cold.
The Stuff:
Jeans - Talbots
Cardigan and Tee- Talbots
Shoes - Aerosoles


  1. This plum-purple color looks sooo good on you!
    I'm really loving your new haircut, it makes you look so chic.

  2. Safe Travels! Love this color on you!

  3. Your hair is so fantastic!!! I love it!

  4. Ohhhh, I love your HAIR!!!! We are cyber sister lol. I am wearing the same style.

  5. OMG!!!! I love your hair Bianca! Soooo cute!

    You look gorgeous as always.

  6. you look great in plum. Love the new haircut too.

  7. Branka, Natalie, Sarah, COrie and Bev - thank you so much! I am loving my hair, it feels "right".

    Patina - I need photo evidence. LOL! :-)


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