OOTD - Wednesday in "Summer Night Blue"

Hey all!
Happy Wednesday to ya!

The Stuff:

Brown Sweater - Talbots (Winter 08/09) $28
Merona Khaki Skirt - Target $20
Basic Vneck Tee in Summer Night Blue - Loft $10 during recent promo

Has anyone picked up one (or two) of those $15 dresses at Old Navy? I have been meaning to swing by - they look perfect for wearing on a cruise. If you checked them out, what did you think? (All sizes are $15.00 btw )


  1. I am obsessed with the nautical looking dress from Old Navy! I just imposed a shopping moratorium on dresses for the month, but I'm losing my resolve!!

  2. I love ON dresses for summer - I've got the last one on the right in the bright pink. You can see it here - http://adventuresinsuits.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-i-wore-beautiful-day.html.

    So easy to just through on and be comfortable.

  3. Natalie - Hold strong..... you can do it LOL!

    Amanda - thank you for letting me know. I might have to go check these out 2morrow at lunch! :-)

  4. i gots the b&w stripe one and it's super cute i gotta say, but i'm afraid it might be too cute - that i might see it everywhere i go (the ON effect) - know what i mean?

  5. I went crazy for the $15 dress from ON. Got them online in assorted styles and colors and I love everyone of them! Looks like I'll be having an old navy summer


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