OOTD: Soylent Green is People!!

I am reading a particularly creepy - well all her books are creepy, but this one more so than others - Margaret Atwood book called "The Year of the Flood". As usual it is about a dystopian society before and after a great apocryphal catastrophe. Its horrific and funny, and focuses on people from a religious group called Gods Gardeners. Anyways, green has been on my brain.

The stuff:
Canvas Jacket in Meadow Green - Talbots $35 (after promo coupon and sale)
Black and Tan Polka dot blouse - Cato
Core Chino Skirt in Vintage Khaki - Target $20

As always, thank you for reading! :-)


  1. Ooh, book idea! I've already requested it from the library.

    Love the green with the polka dot top. That top is really cute with the bow detail.

    I'm so bummed about the outlet sale at Talbots. They don't have the few items I've been coveting. At least the couple things I tried on in the store this weekend are on sale now as opposed to just a 25% promo. The deal is much better now. I like the pink tweed skirt paired with that black and white animal print cardi.

  2. Hi! I'm new to you blog, via Gigi's blog! Love your style. I'm short and curvy also!

    Please stop by my blog if you can...

  3. I read one Margaret Atwood book in college. It was an alright book, but my professor in that class made us look at EVERY SINGLE BOOK through a feminist lens so she kind of put me off it. (Obviously gender issues are a good way to analyze a book, but there ARE other ways! And it was just a general lit class, not a gender-specific one.) Maybe I should go back and read again now that I won't have that class ruining Atwood for me! Would you recommend the one you're reading?

    BTW your summary of the book above reminds me of a book called A Canticle for Leibowitz. I read it for a high school class. I remember that it was about the world after a big flood/fire and how religious groups were trying to rebuild. I don't remember much else about it other than I liked it, and it was really weird/creepy.

  4. Love this outfit! The green with the black and tan is a good look.

    I read Alias Grace a few months ago and found it interesting but a bit dry. I've been told I should have started with one of Atwood's more popular books. I'll give her another shot soon; I have The Blind Assassin on my bookshelf and I'll probably take it to the beach with me this summer.

  5. Nicole - You should grab Oryx and Crake while you are at it, they are 2 parts of the same story. Sales always work that way - its never what you need LOL.

    Gigi - thank you!!! :-)

    Natalie- thank you for stopping by and saying "hi". I will you to my blog roll - you guys are so cute!! :-)

    Kelly - Do you remember which book it was? The Handmaid's Tale is my favorite, followed by Oryx and Crake, and now this one is in the running somewhere. This book is actually a companion to Oryx and Crake which I did not realize until halfway through. LOL. I will grab Canticle, as I think I have heard that recommended a few times. :-)

    Gina - I think the Blind Assassin is next on my list, its been pretty widely recommended. Thanks for the note! :-)

  6. The one I read was the Handmaid's Tale. Like I said the book was fine on its own, and really with that particular book it made sense to look at it through a feminist lens, but because I was frustrated with the class as a whole, I think I just have a bad taste in my mouth towards everything I read in there! I've heard Oryx and Crake is really good though, I definitely have to pick that up. My Amazon wishlist keeps growing and growing...

    (P.S. I love when you share which books you're reading!)

  7. I'm really fond of the Handmaid's Tale and the Blind Assassin, Oryx and Crake not so much... I read all of them around the same time though when I was studying abroad in Denmark and the English section of the library had a predilection towards Atwood. :)

    I really like the cut on the blazer! Unique. And the khaki balances out the bright on black and white really well.

  8. Never heard of Margaret Atwood but I may have to check her out.

    Another article of clothing that I am going to have to borrow (blazer)...I'm keeping a list ;-)

  9. Dying for that jacket - that shade of green is one of my most-favorite colors! Oh, and I have that skirt, in that color, from last year. I saw it in aqua at the store last weekend and was very, very sad they didn't have any in my size! (Like I need another flippin' skirt.)

  10. Thank you for the add to your blogroll!!! I really appreciate it :)

  11. another reader by way of Gigi, also short & curvy. Love the look. Keep up the good work!


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