OOTD: Give me Liberty....

I found this on the Target clearance rack a couple of weekends ago, and this is my first time wearing it. Very nice fabric, and its more yellow! Hehe. So, this is an official dress sighting. Voila

Oh and in case you are wondering that large swollen welt on my leg is an ant bite. Can you believe that mess? Ugh.

The Stuff:
Liberty of London Sheath Dress - Target $25 (April 10)
Cardigan - Talbots $25 (Summer 09)


  1. The first thing thought of was Give me Liberty or give me death! ha ha - give me Liberty of London for Target or give me death!! Nice dress!

  2. Love it! I wasn't quick enough. My size was sold out quickly at my local Target.

  3. thanks all!

    Sarah - exactly LOL!

  4. I am planning to wear that dress to my boyfriend's law school graduation saturday and have been on the search for a lightweight black cardigan to go with it since it's in alabama....pink didn't even occur to me!! i already own the perfect one! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I love how you paired this with the hot pink! Gorg!


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