Monday - Conference Day One

Happy Monday Everyone! This is my day one conference outfit. I took all my pics in advance, and scheduled them, so if the posting is weird sorry LOL~!!! I have never tried it before, so I am hoping it works out.

The stuff:
White button down - Talbots
Black Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks
Khaki Jacket - Loft


  1. Love the outfit- perfect for a conference because you look polished, professional, and comfortable!

    OMG, Talbots has double rewards again! Go fig...I just bought a bunch of stuff in the past week. :( I'm getting ready to look at the new catalog online! Squee!

  2. I agree with Nicole. And since the rooms are always cold, you'll be warm and comfortable.

  3. Ooh! I just thought of something else. The new hairdo highlights the collar on your jacket since now it's not covered up.

  4. your hair looks absolutely amazing! you are so stunning girl!

  5. Nicole - Thanks - and talbots can seriously be a dangerous place hee

    Patina - it was FREEZING! OMG!!

    K - thanks so much! :-)

  6. you look really put together!!! Love the jacket!


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