Lovely Loft Cardi - More Professional

Our blog friend Caramel Creme picked up this fantastic sweater at the recent Loft clearance sales for a cool $30. Super cute and feminine! She asked for an idea on wearing it to work in a more professional way. Below are 2 ideas, and if you have any ideas, or even links to yourself with this cardi, please share in the comments!

Outfit 1: Trousers
Of course, the exact pieces aren't required, but the shapes will work with the cardigan to make it work- friendly.

The Stuff:
Drape Front Silk Shell - Talbots
Basketweave Editor Pants - Express

Outfit 2: The Pencil Skirt
This is the more conservative of the two, with a collared skirt, and knee length skirt.

Blue Stripe Oxford Shirt - Old Navy
Merona Twill Skirt - Target


  1. Oh wow! I love BOTH of these looks, though I think my fave is #1 - I LOVE that bright pop of color!!!! Thanks for the fresh ideas - I'll be trying out both of these looks in the next two weeks. You're awesome!

  2. Oh good, I am glad you liked the ideas. :-)
    I love a bright pop of color so much hehe. I guess you probably know that.


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