Busy Weekend

This was actually my Sat outfit - we ran around just doing errands etc. I really only am posting because this is my $5.99 shirt from Ny and CO. Its a large, and I wish I could have found an XL - when its buttoned it fits like a fitted work blouse, and I would have liked something slouchier, but it does fit nicely, just a little different than I would have preferred, and will make a nice addition to the closet.

The tee is just a Walmart 'wifebeater' (do you think that term came from A Streetcar Named Desire?) and the skirt is that Chino skirt from Target I mentioned in the past.

Today we went and saw a matinee of "Wicked" and it was really, really good. If it comes to your town, I suggest going to see it! I don't have pics of my outfit from that - we totally forgot to take pics before leaving. :-/

Target skirt - Misses Size $20.00
Target skirt - Plus Size $22.00


  1. I love the denim shirt. Really creative to wear it open like that!

  2. I love this relaxed but elegant weekend outfit! I have a denim shirt like that, now i know how i could wear it, thanks Bianca:)
    Oh, and THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my blog for the skirt i made!
    xoxo love your blog girl

  3. I love this shirt and the skirt! Do you have a link to the skirt? I couldn't find the chambray shirt in XL either, so no go for me.

  4. What a great classic outfit - I think you hit everything: chino, denim shirt, white tank, great red purse. One of my favorites of yours!

  5. Cute outfit! Loving the bag! ^.^

  6. Love your bag? Where did you get it??


  7. Mariana, Amanda and LaChanga - Thanks girls!

    Branka - you are welcome! It was super cute. :-)

    V - I linked the skirt in the post, since Target links are ridiculously long!! but I cannot remember if I ended up with the 16W or the 18? I remember thinking it was really short in the dressing room, so it might be the 16W

    Natalie - thanks so much, I got it during Dooney's 12 Days of Xmas for a steal!

  8. Bianca I have the same shirt! I was all over that $5.99 section in NY&Co! I think your outfit is super cute!

  9. I love your outfit. Adding the pop of red is so "fashion foward" (smile) I was told that by someone yesterday lol. I thought "who me?" lol.

  10. You look so pretty in that outfit! (Hee, this post is from so far back, your hair is still long. :))


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