Black and White and Green and Pink

Is it raining like crazy where you are? We went from Spring to Summer to Fall in the past few days! Oh, Loft is now doing 40% off all markdowns again.

The Stuff:
Green Sweater - Talbots $30 (summer 09)
Black and White tee - Talbots $5 (fall 09)
Ponte Knite Skirt - Chadwicks $15 (fall 09)

P.S. The giveaway is closed, and I will be announcing the winner shortly!


  1. Love those colors together with the patterned top! Great look.

  2. pretty color combinations! love it against the tiny pattern.

  3. Adore this color combo! Looks great; love the scarf.

  4. Fantastic outfit. I love all the colors and how you've styled the scarf. Look for me to copy this in my next post.

  5. I love the color combo! The pink and green are fabulous.


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