Barrie Pace - Going Out of Business Sale

Have you ever heard of Barrie Pace? No? Me either. Well, they are going out of business. And the site has items marked down, but take an additional 80% off with code FINAL80. The stuff is beautiful, and after doing a search, it seems the items are great quality. Down side? Its final sale. The sizes are limited. Up side? Its 80% off. There are items in petite and plus petite still on the site. Also, you can do a search by size within a category. Why did I not know about this site sooner?

The items are very classic, and some look a little dated, but there are some treasures too! :-)


  1. Nooooo! Not Barrie!

    I just found your blog through "Gigi's Gone Shopping". I'm 5'4 and 14/16 also!

    Barrie Pace was the place to buy when you needed great suits for work. Oh well, now that most of the country is unemployed...*sigh*...another one bites the dust!

  2. Cute stuff, but the search function is acting quirky. Nothing more frustrating than searching and limiting by size, and having the first five things that pop up only available in a size 2. lol

  3. Moni - thanks so much for stopping by! I really love your blog! I put you in my reader, and sure I will be popping in. :-) I wish I had heard of this place before. Some of their jackets are really nice!

    Girl - I feel ya. Its always hard work digging through the deep discounts hehe.

  4. Ditto on the issue with the search function, but that didn't keep me from finding three great deals. Hello, $5.80 sweater and two dresses for $13.80 each. Can't wait to try them on!

  5. Thanks - I will be checking them out now!

  6. Maryn - that's what I am talking about!!

    Sarah - Hope you find something! :-)


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