Wednesday April 7, 2010

Not much to Wednesday. :-) Basic shapes and a bright color.
Oh! Except an "amusing" story about these pants. 3 summers ago I went into the Loft looking for "petite ankle pants".. they didn't have any petite ankle pants in store, but they did have "CROPPED PANTS" in the regular section. These are the cropped pants below.

Pink Cardigan - Loft $? (Summer 07)
Black Tee - Loft $15 (Fall 09)
Grey Pants - Loft $20 (Summer 07)
Black Flats - Gretta via $10


  1. Those are cropped pants!! Awww. Well necessity it the mother of invention. Let's just call them ankle pants lol. I love that's in the family of my favorite color, and goes so well with your complexion.

  2. Haha! Yep, they work for me as ankle pants, so whatever :-)

  3. Love the cardigan color - it is beautiful on you!!


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