Virtual Silpada Party

Hey Guys,

I am having a Silpada party, which is like a Tupperware party, but its JEWELS!! ;-)

I love this stuff, and wear it all the time - its all .925 silver, and is sooo beautiful. Anways, if you'd like to join my "party" please take a peek at the online catalog here.

If you think you want to order something, or have any questions, email me at or my Silpada rep at If you order before Friday, the shipping and tax is free, and it will be in your hands by mothers day.

Four reasons I personally love Silpada
1. Its .925 silver, so if it tarnishes, you just polish it up and it looks good as new.
2. They have a LIFETIME guarantee. If anything breaks, no matter how old it is, they replace it. A policy I have never had to use.
3. The stuff is really beautiful.
4. I own 6 pieces that I wear constantly, and I get lots of compliments on them.

Thanks for reading!!

Oh, here is one of the pieces you may have seen me wear:

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