Thursday April 8, 2010

Thursday outfit. Love the weather out right now. It was like a nice summer afternoon! :-)
Love, Love, Love this jacket. It was part of my birthday shopping spree. :-) Its on clearance, and in coastal grey, lots of petite sizes.

Ann Taylor Ruched Collar Casual Jacket - Loft $38 (April 10)
Tee - Loft $5 (Fall 09)
Skirt - New York and CO (Fall 09) $6
Shoes - Loft $10 (Spring 08)


  1. Happy belated birthday!! When??? I'm sorry I missed it along with seeing yoru birthday loot. I'm in love with yur jacket too....and the purse. It's gorgeous. I love the color.

  2. Thanks! :-) It was Friday, but hubby took the fam on a short trip "to the big city" last weekend for my b-day.

  3. Nice jacket - it looks very versitle. I bet you will get tons on wear out of it! Happy belated Birthday!!

  4. GREAT jacket! I have one really similar and it gets worn all. the. time. And is that the same skirt that I love all up on all the time or is it another one, deserving of the same love?

  5. Thanks Sarah!
    Kyla - yes, this is the "the skirt" LOL. :-)

  6. have such an amazing collection of skirts!


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