Thursday 04.15.10 - Blind Melon

No "bee girl", but here is some Melon! :-)

Today I have my work outfit, and then my "remix" for after hours LOL. Its as creative as usual. (I changed bottoms) :-P

Loooove this linen/cotton blend jacket. I grabbed this at my local Loft, its been there for awhile, and it marked down to $29.99, then the 40% off on that! Its sort of tuxedo-y and me likey!!

Sorry, I decided to stand weird for every single shot in my work pants. By the time I got home from dinner and had loosened up a bit LOL!!

Melon Top - Loft $25 (Summer 09)
Black Tux Jacket $18 (April 10)
Pants - Talbots $35 (February 10)
Shoes - Chadwicks $10

Jeans - Lane Bryant Right Fit $50 (Fall 08)


  1. I love that top and your "I know I got it going on pose" in the last picture. That bag is gorgeous and compliments the entire outfit. You comment about Alex and his "wittle sewf" made me smile. Have a agreat day.

  2. I love the look with the jeans! Sooo cute!

  3. That coral blouse is gorgeous, and I love your jacket!

  4. Love the bright colored top and the ruffles, with the delicate flower necklace peeking through!

  5. Love the pop of melon! Enjoy your weekend!


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