OOTD Tuesday 04.20.10 Like pajamas, but a skirt...

Ahhh, this outfit is sooo comfy. I love feeling like I am in pajamas all day. :-)

Lets see, this blouse (closeup at the bottom) is from the Loft, but no longer online - I grabbed it during last weeks 40% off sale. Love it!! There were plenty still in my store, even this weekend when I went back! Its a great pattern - I tried it on in dress form earlier this spring, and loved the pattern, but not the dress so much. Luckily, they gave me another option. :-)

This skirt is super comfy. I actually went ahead and bought it a couple of other colors during a recent sale. Its a little mushy/wrinkly after sitting all day, but its really lovely.

Oh, and this jacket is one of my new faves from the Loft, its currently on clearance in very small sizes, but I am sure your local store probably has plenty, it was not out very long before going on sale.

Hah, sorry to ramble on, but I do love the clothes. :-)

Sleeveless Patterned Blouse - Loft $24
Signature Stretch Sateen Skirt - Spiegel $29
4-pocket Canvas Jacket - Loft $55


  1. BEAUTIFUL top! Absolutely lovely - they didn't have any of those in store last week!

  2. The print of the top is very nice!

  3. You look gorgeous! I think this is one of my all time favorite outfits of yours! You pulled everything together so beautifully! I bet you felt like a million bucks today.

  4. You look absolutely lovely. Hope you had a great day!

  5. Adorable. I am starting to LOVE Loft! I bought an amazing denim pencil skirt there today. :)

  6. Great outfit. Love those colors in the top!

  7. I love all the outfits/jackets you've been doing lately! And that top looks gorgeous on you - I wasn't able to wear it, if it makes you feel better about the dot ruffle one. :)

  8. Taylor - am starting to think I am pretty lucky with my store, as far as stock goes.

    Sarah - THanks

    Patina - since you have been around since the beginning, that is saying alot! hehe thanks.

    cynthia - thanks you too!!

    Marianna - yes, the Loft was dead to me for awhile, but they are coming back in full effect. If you got the denim skirt I am thinking about, its very nice!!

    Kristen - thanks! I am branching out a little here LOL.

    Amanda - thank you - Late Spring / Early summer is my fav fashion time, and I think it shows!

  9. I love this top. I was so happy to have snagged one when it popped up very briefly last week on the website in my size.


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