OOTD Monday 4.19.10 - Sailcloth Jacket

Hey everyone! This is my new lovely from the Loft. Its the Sailcloth 4 Pocket Jacket. For some reason, this color is not currently online. I saw this bluish color a couple of weeks ago in Raleigh, and it stuck in my head for 2 weeks. I saw it in Petites this past weekend at my local store, and they had a few regular sizes in the back. The color is really lovely, I would call it "storm" if I were to name it.

The Stuff:
4-Pocket Sailcloth Jacket - Loft - $55.50
Bedford Cord pants - Talbots - $26 (Summer 09)
White Sateen Blouse - Talbots $26 (March 09)


  1. That's a cute jacket. Storm works ;-). Saw that Loft responded to your note on Facebook. Tres cool.

  2. Very cute jacket! I don't think they had that color at my store... may have to go back to check!

  3. It is lovely and the fit is perfect. I also love how the color works so well with khaki.

  4. This look is so awesome! I can really see a lot of combinations here.

  5. Gi - thanks! it must have been because the infamous Gigi gave it a thumbs up. ;-)

    Cynthia - thank you! :-)

    Taylor - thanks! It was in the back still in mine! Good luck. :-)

    Patina - thanks! Love the khaki

    TI - Thanks - its a nice one. :-)

  6. It is really cute on you! I bought the same one this weekend but I like it much better on you.


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