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I admit, I felt a little sponge-bob-ish in the yellow. I love yellow and am making attempts to wear it more often. Its not exactly my best color, but I think I can make it work with some accent colors. :-)

The Stuff:
Yellow Cable Cardigan - Talbots $6.60 (Spring 10)
Jeans - Talbots $30 (Spring 10)
Navy Polka Dot/Paisley Top - Loft $20 (Spring 08)
Belt - Loft $3.25 (Spring 10)


  1. WE totally wore the sameish thing today. I wore a yellow cardi, b/w print top and jeans.

    Love the yellow and b/w combo :) Yellow suits you very well.

  2. I LOVE yellow and navy together - just might be one of my favorite color combos ever. Great top, greater cardi!

  3. Love the color combo today. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love the yellow with black and white! You look great :)

  5. I love the yellow on you. I told you that any color looks good on you.

    I think your outfit is cute....where did you get your shoes from? Cute!

  6. I have the same issues with yellow - it looks really good with the navy! I'm going to have to try that.

  7. Pretty yellow, and I love that top! I want to see it without the belt next time, pretty please. I bet it totally can be worn all on its own.

  8. Ooohhhh I love the yellow with that print! I wish I were brave enough to wear yellow. Because of my pale skin and light hair I feel like I look all one color in yellow...haha
    Check out the award I gave you:

  9. Sabrina – Yes! Great minds!

    Nika, Mariana and She Spys – thanks!

    Taylor – Thank you! I love it too, not usually ON me. :-)

    Cynthia – thanks – hope yours was great too!

    Corie – Thanks. These shoes are from Aerosoles! :-) I get them at the Aerosoles outlet.

    Amanda – I keep trying to think of ways to break it up and not have the yellow near my skin.

    Kristen – thanks! I have one just like this into coral which I will probably wear soo, these two get lots of wear in the summer since they are light.

    Case – Awww – I think yellow would be super pretty on you – with like a chambray shirt for example. And thanks so much for the award! That is super sweet of you!


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