OOTD - 04.06.2010

Hey everyone!! I am sooo happy to wear my spring clothes!! No sweaters..erm haha ok, no long sleeve sweaters, no tights, no frowny winter face! Yay for the 90s!!! Oh, and I posted what I changed into again for evening errands/running around. You wouldn't laugh at your bloggy pal if she isn't too creative at night would ya?

And YES! its warm enough for LINEN!! This is the linen Talbot's skirt that I think a few of you may have grabbed during the recent sale.

The Stuff:
Off white Tee - Loft - $20 (December 09)
Sweater - Talbot's $28 (February 09)
Linen Skirt - Talbot's $17 (July 09)
Bag - B Makowsky via Ebay
Shoes - Aerosoles

Ok, so I many have mentioned I keep my clothes organized by color. Tops on one side, and bottoms on the other. So, when I grabbed my skirt this morning, these were right next to it, so I pulled them down too for this evening. :-)

The other stuff:
Twill Cargo Capris - Loft $? cannot remember (long time ago)
Belt - Ny York and Co $1 (July 2009)

As always, thank you for reading!!


  1. $1 for that belt - great find!! Glad you have warm weather!! The top is beautiful!! I love the details on it.

  2. I wish I had picked that skirt but I picked the butterfly one. Oh well. You look great in it.

  3. oooh...you look awesome Bianca! I love how you totally put both outfits together. Again, the color is so pretty on you. I love love love that skirt!

  4. I'm so excited for the warm weather too! And I also organize my closet by color, in rainbow order!

  5. Yea spring! That pink looks wonderful on you!

  6. You do know that I own a cardigan very similar to that one and I might copy you in the future, don't you ;)
    You look wonderful!
    I also wanted to thank you your comments, at this stage they make a big diference to my mood.

  7. I love that drawstring skirt! I'm such a huge fan of drawstrings :) I'll have to seek out one of my own!

  8. Sarah I find some really good cheapies from NY and CO - luck of the draw there thought.

    Cynthia - the bfly skirt is beautiful!!

    Corie - thank you !!

    Kelly - makes life so much easier eh? :-)

    Goober - :-) thanks!

    Nurmsir - cannot wait to see it, and I am so happy to see u bloggin again. :-)

    Kyla - I think it would be fantastic on ya!! :-)


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