Monday - 04.12.10 - GreenDay

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This week started off nice here!!

Green Tab Sleeve Shirt - CATO $17 (March 10)
Tan Cords - Talbots $27 (Fall 09)
Scarf - Chadwicks (Fall 09)
Belt - New York and CO $.99 (Fall 09)


  1. LOVE that scarf - beautiful color!!

  2. That scarf gives the outfit such a pretty pop! I love it :)

  3. I love this color combo! And the sleeves of your shirt. I love sleeves rolled like that, but I feel awkward in collared shirts so I rarely get to wear stuff like that myself!

  4. Sarah, Marianna, Dana and Cynthia - thanks! Pink is my fav color. :-)

    Kelly - i think the right collared shirt would be fab for you. :-)


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