A "short" thesis on tights.

Tights are indeed an odd thing to have thoughts about. But since someone asked, and I do actually have thoughts about tights here we are!!

There are many people out there who do not have to THINK about tights. I am short, heavy-thighed, short waisted - oh yes, I do have to think about tights!! They gape, they bunch, and pinch OH and they roll. I really hate it when they roll. Urgh. I know my long-legged, long waisted girls out there have problems too!

Well, gaping, bunchy, pinchy, rolled down tights are not going to cut it anymore. I threw those away, and realized I was making a mistake when I was buying my tights.

If you pick up a pack of tights and it only comes in S/M OR L/XL OR "Queen", and those 3 or 4 sizes are supposed to cover women 4'11 to 6'0 and 95-300 lbs? Yeah... don't think so. (Put those back.)

Look for tights that have MORE sizes in their range or a brand that covers a smaller range. I recommend the tights offered by the Sarah Blakely's Assets brand, which are like Spanx, but cheaper. (Nylon blend, instead of microfiber) They offer 6 sizes in their range according the size chart, and are also sold at Target. (I will say, I have not seen the size 6 on sale anywhere, so they may have discontinued the size - not sure, but the sizing of the rest have not changed yet.) Another good option is Chadwicks, (six or seven sizes in the range) but they only offer their tights in the fall, and clearance them out in the Spring.

If you are buying good quality tights, and are on the cusp, don't be afraid to try a larger size. Usually you do not want to do this because you end up looking like an elephant at the end of the day. BUT if the fabrication is good, the material usually stays pretty taunt in my experience. I am almost always on the line, and I always go up.

Oh, and one extra tip for short and curvy girls: DKNY makes Plus Petite tights that fit wonderfully. Ignore the name "Plus Petite", because the weight range is 155-210, so really its more for ladies in the 12P-20P size range. They are a little more sheer than the Assets tights, and didn't last as long, but its a good option if you really need the shorter leg!

As always, I am no expert, and this advice is just from my experience. If you have any additional tips, or brands we should try, share with us in the comments!!


  1. Tights are evil. Well, mostly. I think I have one or two pair that I find to be not so horrible to wear. They're just one more garment that you really do need to put some effort into shopping for.

  2. I have heard that the tights at We Love Colors are good for sizes -- they also have a plus petite size, which I plan to try next time I replace tights. (Which, I need to do, because I'm down to 1 pair of old maternity tights. Sad!)

  3. I loooove tights. I buy one size bigger, and, being so short and short waisted, pull them up to below my chest for instant shape wear. I like to show off my legs since they're pretty toned from schlepping all around the law school with 10lbs of books. :)

  4. Such great tips!! I need some new tights and always have problems with bunching and rolling (rolling is a pain!). To target I go... :)

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