Shopping At the Loft

So, did you guys go to today's Loft Event?

I stopped by briefly, and took some pics. Sorry for the Blackberry photos, it was a last min stop, so I didn't have my camera. Currently, the collections are focused around raspberry, a light peachy color, some navy items and lots of tans and light grays.

Here are some pics!

I really liked this Polka Dot Top top on lots of other bloggers, so I was glad to finally get a chance to try it on. Sadly, it does nada for me. Booo. It is no longer online. The skirt is called the Iconic Pencil Skirt ($49.50).

Don't even like it with a cardigan LOL. Although this one is pretty cute - it has a chiffon rose detail in navy and ivory polka dots like the above top. This is called the Dot Rosette Crew Cardigan.

This jacket is the Cotton Dobby Jacket with Ruched Collar.($89.50) Its shown below with the same skirt, and a slub tee. If you like this, you will probably need to size down, I sometimes wear a 14, but usually a 16 at the Loft, and this jacket I have on is a 12!!

And this is it with my own jeans.

They had a whole bunch of these slub yarn tees in grey, peach and tan - lighter colors are completely see through, on me anyways. I have too much grey to begin with so I passed on all these. These were all $39.50 I think.

Even though I don't usually find myself attracted to prints, I thought this Scattered Blossoms Dress ($79.50)was pretty cute, so I gave it a try. I wore it under the Flutter Open Front Cardigan ($49.50) which is a nice fabrication of cotton/linen.

Aaand am not a fan LOL I felt like it was showing way too much skin for me to be comfortable. And the colors are not right for me anyway.

I thought the pricing of all the items I liked was a little outrageous. Compared to usual pricing this collection seemed a little high. Today, everything was 30% off, as noted in my deals post yesterday, and honestly, that just made the items feel like they were the correct price.

I did get the jacket - I am hoping to get alot of wear out of it. If you liked any of this stuff and want to buy online, the 30% was Sat only, but save 20% on orders over $100 with coupon code 174000613 until April 4th. :-)


  1. I liked every outfit! And that dress is too cute on you! I think my fav is the Dobby jacket on you...really cute! I totally missed the Loft event and hate it! I went one time for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved the store. I have to go back.

  2. Fun post! The cardi and jacket are adorable on you. Love your curves!

  3. You should wear dresses more often. You look so cute! The Dolby jacket is so chic and flattering.
    I did stop by ATL yday. I liked their embellished tee's but didn't shop for anything. Every time I buy something, 2 weeks later its marked down super low this time i decided to wait :-)

  4. I stopped by a Loft yesterday - total zoo! I tried on 1 item that was clearance, so there was no 30% off for me. They did have Cheryl's Cookies...but I passed because I'm trying to be good. :)

    I agree that the colors on some of their items are a little "off." They look great on the hanger, but the colors are wrong on me. I'll have to check out that jacket because that looks like a great piece.

  5. 1.The b;ue cardi with the polka-dot bow is classic Bianca; I can't believe you didn't like it!

    2. That dress, while it may not be the perfect colors for you, is OUTSTANDING. You look amazing in it! Please consider wearing dresses more often.

  6. I went to the event at my store and I got some cute stuff. I totally agree with you though and thought some of the stuff was overpriced and with the 30% off it was just regular price. I do love all the colors though, and got some stuff online too since my store doesn't carry lots of 14/16/18's. Although I love all the tees with the embrodiery, I really have too many of them already and I find that I feel like I can't really wear any of them with anything other than jeans. It also sucks that their sale items (which there were not a lot of at the store I go to) weren't on sale, but I got a shirt for $25 anyway.

  7. Thanks Corie - be sure to take pics if you go!

    Thanks Mariana!

    Miss - THanks, and I totally feel ya on the waiting thing. I hate to have bought a top for $30, then see its twin show up on the $4.88 rack. :-/

    Nicole - Oh man, there were few pple left at mine, else I probably wouldn't have bothered!

    Kristen - hehe thanks - i will probably go for the sweater when its closer to $29.99 - feels like a fairer price than what is being asked.

    V- My store gets quite a few 16/18s but they are mail order returns from a few other Loft-aholics in my area. And I too am always bummed when the sale doesn't include markdowns. :-/

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