OOTD - Happy Friday Everyone!

Are you guys ready for the weekend? I know I am, coming off a LOOONG week here. Am hoping to finally see Alice in Wonderland this weekend, I meant to see it last weekend, but it never panned out.

The Stuff:
Graphic Tee - Talbots $20
Black Jeans - Talbots $28
Khaki Jacket - Loft - Purchased at full price a long time ago.

Thank you for reading!!


  1. I like that jacket - it is like a jean jacket but khaki!! Looks great on you.

  2. I love the graphic tee and tan jacket combo. My cousins are visiting me this weekend and there's gonna be a lot of kids..so i think we may go to Alice in wonderland too :-)

  3. loove the t-shirt and the shoes!!!!
    I love your outfits!!

  4. Hi! I'm a new reader and I'm loving your blog :)

  5. Sarah - thanks! I have had it for a loong time, so its starting to get that "lived in"
    look to it. LOL

    Miss - Thanks! Have fun with the kiddos!!

    THank you Amina! ;-)

    Deidre - (LOOVE that name!) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great jacket.. its a good versatile piece!! Cute and comfy look.

  7. Your hair looks really pretty hear :)


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