OOTD - 03.30.10

This one looks a little odd in the photo...but its not that odd in person. :-) I had my alternate photographer tonight.

So my pretties, we got tickets to Wicked in May, (say "Tickets to Wicked in May" a whole bunch of times like "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" - its fun!) and I am trying to decide how to work this cardi into my outfit. I usually don't wear cardigans to the theater, since it feels pretty casual without a jacket, especially since I always wear pants, so I am working on it. :-)

The Stuff:
Elphaba Thropp Green Cardigan - Talbots $30
Charcoal Denim Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Tights - Chadwicks - $4
Tee Shirt - Loft $5
Scarf - Talbots 18

I may have mentioned I wear my glasses all day, and change into contacts at home and on the weekends, I thought I would show you my specs. :-) Sorry for the glare, that's why I don't take pics with them.

These eyeshadow colors aren't right in the photo boooo. They are a gold, a limey green and then blue teal in crease. Oh well. :-)


  1. Ooh I wore a similar cardi yesterday! We're twins. :)

  2. Love the green and blue color combo and that scarf pulls it together so well!! Love it!!

  3. oo la la!!! Loove the green/blue combo

  4. love the green on you.

    Wicked is an awesome production. The music is so great.

  5. I do love that scarf! Pretty, pretty! :)

  6. Great color today! I need a skirt like that, love it!

  7. Love the color! and the glasses... I want a pair like that.

  8. Cute glasses! I was surprised to hear that you change into contacts when you get home...I'm the opposite! I wear my contacts out during the day, but once I'm at home I take them off and pull out my glasses if I need them.

  9. I adore your scarf and how you tied it....you whole look, glasses and all....polished and elegant.

  10. Mariana - Hehe, great minds. :-)

    Thank you all :-) The scarves are always so much fin to wear.

    Kelly, I just realized how silly that sounded hehe. I only change into the contacts if we are going somewhere. While glasses are great for the internet and reading, really I drive better and can interact better with people when I have my contacts in :-)

  11. Wicked is one of my favorite show! You'll love it - and you should definitely wear this cardi when you see it! Great color on you!

  12. Wicked color for Wicked tickets!! Wicked is one of my favorite musicals. I saw it twice while it was in Chicago.

    I love the green and blue combo and the printed scaft. The glasses look good on you!


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