OOTD - 03.23.10

Umm yes, bad fashion blogger wore red two days in a row. Hehe.

Coral "Jackie" Sweater - JCrew $30
Red tshirt - Talbots $7
Brown Tweedy Pants - Loft $?? So old, I cannot remember.
Scarf - Talbots $24
Shoes $10


  1. beautiful!! Loove the scarf!
    We have the same body type. I am heavier on the top so this blog has helped me soo much when I go shopping for clothes to look for flattering clothes. THANK YOU!!

  2. At least it's a different sweater. I've been known to wear my imperial tee twice in one week lol. Love your outfit and the scarf is gorgeous!!!

  3. Lovely scarf! I recently started to shop for them and I am having a good time picking one up here and there. Have a great day!

  4. I wear the same color palettes for days in a row myself. you look fabulous in red anyway!

    ps. visit my blog at:

  5. Red looks great on you! So go ahead and break the rules :)

  6. Love the scarf!! Love the shoes too!! Wear what you want - you look great!!

  7. Thanks ladies, I do have a habit of breaking rules I don't like. :-)

    Cynthia and Diya, I added your blogs to my blog roll. ;-)

    Amina - thank you! <3

    Patina - I do that when I love something. Once to work, then again on the weekend!

  8. Love all the colors and the pattern of the scarf, and the way you tied the scarf. Great look.

  9. Ooooh- I love the scarf! It really adds a lot of oomph to the look!

  10. I hadn't seen that before. Did I ever mentioned that that scarf is beautiful ???


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