OOTD 03.18.10 - OOTD

Hey everyone! Feel like spring yet?

Sweater - Talbots $32
Flower Petal Tee - Loft $15
Pants - Talbots $31
Shoes - Chadwicks $9


  1. Well, you do look like a spring flower :)
    Do you ever have bad color combinations?

  2. love the rosettes on the cardi! I love this color on you

  3. I love the color on you...so pretty! I kid you not...I went into Talbots this afternoon and could not find one good sale!!! ugh!! I think that place is expensive. Then I went to the Loft and - you guessed it - no good items on sale! I really do need to come to NC. lol

  4. That cardigan on you!! Beautiful color!

  5. Yes, spring is in the air, and I'm doing my part to usher her in. The shades of purple and lilac in your are definitely say Spring. Also, I love those colors combinded with gray Gorgeous!!!!

  6. I'm sleepy...please fill in the blanks with and correct the grammar lol *yawn*. Have a great weekend.

  7. And I'm flattered every time you say Annie Hall in regards to my outfit :) Thank you so much!

  8. Nurmisur - thank you and YES! LOL

    Sabrina and Sarah - thanks!

    Corie, I have some ideas for you.

    Patina - thanks, and I totally speak "half-asleep" since I didn't even realize anything was missing until your 2nd post. ;-P

    Kyla - you are welcome haha.


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