OOTD 03.10.10 Look like $30 Bucks

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday!

I love this scarf so much - I need some more though, what color(s) do you think I should get?

Oh! a while back, I bought the Korres Vitamin E Primer, and Wild Rose Foundation. In the past couple of weeks, I have dropped the Laura Mercier Primer and MAC Studio Fix completely from my routine and am just using the Korres product as my base. Seriously, my simultaneously oily and dry combination skin is looking better than it has in years. I did not change any thing else in my routine. Like in today's photo below I have on NO makeup and while I look tired I think my skin is looking just fine when I used to not even want to be seen without full coverage. Anyways, if you are looking for a change in your routine, maybe check Korres out. Also, look for coupon codes (and links to codes) on their Facebook Page.

Green Cardigan - Talbots - Free after Classic Awards Dividend Check
Black and White Tee - Talbots $6
Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Tights - Kmart $6
Aerosoles Shoes
Pink Scarf - Chadwicks $4

Note: Korres has not provided any samples for consideration etc etc. I was neither bribed nor threatened into posting about them. LOL! Just something I have tried and wanted to share with you all! :-)


  1. Whenever someone asks what color scarf she should get, my automatic answer is 'hot pink'... only... I scrolled down and, 'lo and behold, yours *is* hot pink. lol
    Orange is also nice for spring?

  2. I actually really appreciate the referral, as I'd never heard of Korres before and my skin sounds the same as yours except that it's more prone to eczema and redness.
    Man, I *wish* I looked that good without a stitch of makeup! You have the loveliest complexion.

    I really like the mix of green and blue AND hot pink in your outfit. Very springlike!

  3. I like the outfit a lot - the brights with the top are so pretty.

    And I LOOVE Korres. I use their lip butter with the guava lipsticks all the time, and I was glad to see a review of the skincare line. You look fantastic! I've been using Juice Beauty but they don't have as many options - and I wanted to stay with something organic.

  4. Definitely going to look at the Korres stuff. My makeup has been in mutiny against me since I changed my facial soap. Nothing seems to blend well.
    Suggestion for the scarves. Metallic. I have a gold scarf that I adore and I'm eying up a silver one. They are so versatile. I'm glad to see someone else enjoys scarves as much as I do :)

  5. I like the color combo!!

    As for the scarf - How about a print? Like zebra or paisley or something? I don't have any print scarves, but they sound good! I like Dana's idea about a metalic one too.

  6. Girl - haha yes, I loves the pink. Orange might be a good idea if I can find the right one close to my face.

    Kari - thank you. I love the Korres stuff!

    Ivy - thank you! ;-)

    Amanda -thank you! I have not heard of Juice Beauty. Love the name there!

    Dana - Yikes! Sorry to hear about your skin. DO you love the new cleanser? A metallic scarf is a great idea!!

    Sarah - Thanks girl! I think a print scarf is an excellent idea as well!! :-)

  7. Face primer: it really helps makeup lie properly on your face and last all day. First I tried Photo Finish by Smashbox. But I didn't care for the ingredients--it was a petroleum product--and smelled like it! I've switched to Bare Escentuals BareVitamins Primer--it's got healthier ingredients.

  8. Mimi - Thats another reason I like the Korres line, none of that icky stuff in it. Sadly, for me, I am sensitive to high quantities of Bismuth Oxychloride - and BE uses it in most of their stuff Booo!! Some of the primers have it, and some do not.

    I saw your post about the linen skirt - it is in a WP and I did not have it altered, it just fit as is. The wrinkles do not bother me much - I steam it in the morning before wearing it - and the photos were taken at the end of the day. I think with linen you just have to embrace the wrinkles if you want to wear it. :-) HTH!


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