OOTD - 03.03.10 - Bad weather and down with pants

So here we are still battling the weather. Boooo..

Here is my thing. I just do not like pants. I do likes my jeans, but I don't like to wear slacks/pants/trousers. Sigh. I want to wear my skirts every day. I was reading some discussion about how skirts can seem less professional at work though. Do I need to wear pants to be taken seriously? Argh.

Basic Black Sweater
Red Quilted Vest - Ashworth - $30
Wool Pants - Talbots - $20
Shoes - Chadwicks $11

Note: I was reading about the skirt discussion on "youlookfab" blog. Here is the link. I never really thought about it before.


  1. Girl wear what you want to wear! And you look nice in your pants...cute outfit altogether.

    I wear skirts and dresses all of the time. Actually I'm like the only female in my whole office who wears skirts and dresses....I don't care. I love wearing them and makes me feel good when I do.

  2. I like to wear skirts a lot, too, and I think it is because I tend to look slimmer than in pants. I disagree with the discussion that skirts are less professional or encourage gender discrimination. I like skirts!

  3. I never heard that debate. Of course you can look professional in a skirt.

  4. It is an interesting concept, and I especially understand it in professions or work environments that would make skirts look a little out of place - say a science lab or an IT department. But I think it definitely can be done well. I'm probably the only person in my department who wears pencil skirts most days, and after the first few weeks of letting me know that I "didn't *have* to dress up", my coworkers have mostly just accepted my "quirk" of wearing a skirt rather than jeans.

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  5. I would have to agree with Kari, I think it depends on your profession. But in the end you are entittled to be true to yourself no matter where you work (unless you have to be in a uniform). I will quote an old Digital Underground song, "Do What You Like" (wow, thats an oldie, lol)

    As for the OOTD, I think it looks fine. Maybe you need to experiment with different cuts of pants to find the perfect pair. I have some trouble with finding the right pair too, but when I find it, I buy all colors.

  6. Cori - me too, my boss might wear a skirt every once in a while. And she and I are the only 2 women in the marketing dept.

    Didi - I like skirts too! :-)

    Chantal - thanks :-)

    Kari - I am totally with you. I have been that person who dressed up "too much" although, in this case, the managers liked it, but the coworkers on my level did not. :-/. THanks for the note about Macys!

    TI - Thanks for the comments. :-) If I ever find the perfect pair, I will too!

  7. They will tell you skirts and dresses are less professional-baa! I either don't care or I disagree. Either way I (and I think you) will dress as we see fit. We know how to look professional in our feminine wear.

  8. I feel ya. I would wear a skirt everyday and in every weather if I could. I honestly don't believe that skirts are less professional. It's all about how you present yourself. If you are running around like a little girl in her mom's over-sized skirt and heels then maybe, but if you are who you are and present yourself as sophisticated, you will fit right in.

    By the way, I love your blog! I stumbled upon in this afternoon. So nice to see someone else who is 5'2" and curvy!


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